2014 Guangzhou Auto Show: Geely GC7 New Vision debuts in China

2014 Guangzhou Auto Show: Geely GC7 New Vision debuts in China

The Geely Emgrand GC9 was nowhere to be seen on the 2014 Guangzhou Auto Show but Geely Automobile did unveil the Geely C7 New Vision, successor of the Geely Gleagly GC7, which was the successor of the Geely Vision. The Geely GC7 New Vision has Emgrand logo’s but not the Emgrand name, not on the car and not in marketing.


Emgrand badge on the wheel. Earlier on we heard the Emgrand brand would continue in China, but not abroad. It now seems that Geely is somehow moving the Emgrand sub-brand into the Geely brand, while retaining the logo and model names. Dash is a slight improvement over Emgrand EC9 with better materials and a lighter color scheme. Floor mats are a particular plus, they look very comfy in beige. Yeah beige!


Check how the floor mat connects with the bench. The mats are apparently extra thick examples, protecting the real mats underneath against the dirty feet of the masses on auto shows. Too bad, they look kinda cool.


The Geely EC9 New Vision was launched on the Chinese car market on the show. Price starts at 48.900 yuan and ends at 66.900 yuan. The vehicle is available with two four-cylinder petrol engines: a 1.3 turbo with 133hp and 185nm mated to a 6-speed manual, and a 1.5 with 109hp and 140nm mated to a 5-speed manual.


Emgrand logo but no Emgrand. GC7 badge.


Characters: Geely New Vision.

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Hello Tycho, It seems you went on a public day as those mats are only placed for public viewing so we dont have carpets that have been trampled by ten thousand different feet, they are also swapped every hour for cleaner versions. The New Vision will be packing 1.3T and 1.5 naturally aspirated engines, there is no 1.8L engine in the New Vision. The 1.8L is technically an older engine, however it is updated continually so in reality it no longer resembles the first generation that was launched in 2007. The latest version is equipped with direct injection and can… Read more »
Tycho de Feijter

Ash at work! Thanks so much for clearing that up; article changed accordingly. But what about this Geely/Emgrand/GC7 thing going on?


The GC7 was sold under Gleagle brand, not under Emgrand.
I want to know if Engrand/Gleagle/Englon are officially killed to a new Geely range?

The GC7 was previously an Gleagle, now it has resolved back into the Emgrand range under the ‘One Geely’ focus and sits under the New Emgrand which was previously the GC7, admittedly this may cause some confusion however the New Emgrand was a starting point for the New Geely ethos and thus needed a name to state that. Gleagle/Englon are now to be rolled into the One Geely brand using the new blue/gold badging, in Chinese the New Vision series and King Kong series will represent Geely’s budget vehicles whilst the Emgrand GC7/New Emgrand etc will be more upmarket vehicles.… Read more »

Whatever happened to that Ash dude with his China Car Times website?


If you mean the superior China Car Times that had plenty of industry content, then I think that dude went onto work for a different company.


Tycho de Feijter

Yeah yeah, but he still knows all about the GC7!


Old Vision, New Vision, FC1, GC7, C7, Global Eagle, Emgrand…….Confusion reigns.

It’s time for Geely to rationalize its model/brand line-up.
After all it’s running with the big boys now.