Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA5 REV launched on the Chinese auto market

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The Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA5 REV has been launched on the Chinese auto market. The GA5 REV is a plug-in hybrid based on the petrol powered Trumpchi GA5 sedan. REV stands for Range Extended EV.  Price, after green-car subsidies of central and local governments, starts at 132.800 yuan and ends at 152.800 yuan. The subsidy on the GA5 REV is a massive 66.500 yuan.

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The power train consists of a range-extending 1.0 four-cylinder petrol engine with 41hp. The engine powers the generator for the electric motor, which has an output of 60hp. The petrol engine does not send power directly to the wheels. Maximum speed is 150 kilometer per hour. Range on pure electric power is 80 kilometer. Range with range extender is 600 kilometer. Charging the battery takes maximal six hours.

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The cabin is unchanged except for the gear selector.


A high tech package for a surprisingly competitive price.  It is this kind of car that might finally break the resistance against hybrids and electrics among Chinese car buyers, who consider all green cars too expensive and electric cars idiotic, as there are still almost no charging stations on public roads.

The petrol powered GA5 costs between 116.800 yuan and 191.800 yuan, powered by a 158hp 1.6 or a 177hp 1.8 turbo. The GA5 REV fits nicely in the middle, and will be much cheaper to operate.


The Trumpchi GA5 REV, a sure winner for Guangzhou Auto..?

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  1. There is one point that is not conveincing in this car. The power of the generator is too low to assist the car in critical condition. I have experience with a BYD F3 DM that has a similar 1000 cc 50 Kw generator. Well if you have the battery down and you need to afford a seriuos uphill, then it is possible that you cannot continue your journey.
    It really happen to me. The new BYD qin has learn the lesson and now has a powerfull 1,5 lt turbo engine to prevent scaring situation as for my description.

  2. BYD needs to hire some of GAC’s exterior designers while GAC needs to hire some of BYD’s interior designers.

    I would love to read an English test drive review of the BYD Qin.

  3. But unlike this GAC model, doesn’t the petro engine in the F3DM drive the road wheels directly, when the traction battery is fully discharged?


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