Geely Borui GC9 will hit the Chinese car market on April 9

Geely Borui GC9 will hit the Chinese car market on April 9

This stylishly grilled Geely Borui GC9 will be launched on the Chinese car market on April 9, or so Chinese media say. However, the Geely Borui GC9 Limited Edition launch edition, which was promised us for March 16, hasn’t materialized yet, so we got to be a bit careful here.


We hope it won’t be late because the Borui GC9 is a beautiful car, designed by ex-Volvo design boss Peter Horbury, who works for Geely now.

New news on the engines: earlier on it was announced there would be three: a 163hp 1.8 turbo, a 162hp 2.4, and a 270hp 3.5 V6. It now appears the 2.4 has been dropped, at least for now. That would make a lot of sense, as it was a rather old engine and less powerful than the  cheaper 1.8.


A well-crafted interior, the leather looks great and the wood looks good, but the LCD screen is on the small side. Flat bottomed steering wheel for that race car feeling. Price for the Borui GC9 will start around 150.000 yuan and end around 250.000 yuan.


Sloping roof and broad shoulders best part of the design.

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It seems strange that when Geely is facing its biggest drop in profits, it delays its game-changer. Perhaps, it may turn out to be another ‘H8’.

ash @ Geely PR


Geely profit drop is due to the poor sales situation in Russia.

There has no delay in launching the GC9, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has taken delivery of the first 20 of a fleet of 50 GC9 for use by visiting dignitaries and the Limited Edition version was launched in mid march with 1000 vehicles selling out in 77 minutes.

The GC9 will officially launch at the Shanghai Auto Show; there are no delays here.


No doubt, China’s best sedan. Why can’t BYD learn to design an original sexy-looking sedan!?


Thanks for the info. Geely should really start trimming their repertoire of low-grade models, if they are trying to build a brand image overseas. So are they intending to ship it worldwide? If so, the greatest and potentially riskiest publicity stint that Geely could do for its Borui GC9 model would be to let it undergo E-NCAP and the Euro-reviewers have a field day with it. But seeing as the Emgrand EC7 have achieved 4 stars, it’s highly likely they could achieve 5, seeing how Chery-backed Qoros fared.


Sorry to see some radial spokes added to the unique grillework. It suggests a spider web.
They aren’t visible in the photo shown here.


So geely took an audi a7 and a hyundai sonata, put them in a blender and this poured out. So, for a country that hates the koreans, you sure LOVE to copy them! buahahaha