Lifan 620 EV launched on the Chinese car market

Published on April 10, 2015 by Tycho de Feijter

Lifan 620 EV launched on the Chinese car market

The new Lifan 620 EV has been launched on the Chinese car market. Price, including all green-car subsidies by central and local governments, starts at 143.800 and ends at 186.800 yuan ($23.165 – 27.193). The maximum subsidy for the Lifan 620 EV is 90.000 yuan or $14.498.


The Lifan 620 EV is powered by an electric motor with 80hp and 213nm, mated to a 20 kWh battery. Top speed is 120 kilometer per hour and range is max 155 kilometer.  The numbers are not very impressive but in line with similar sized and priced EV’s from other local Chinese automakers.


The Lifan 620 EV however primarily competes with the…


… petrol powered Lifan 620. It is much cheaper and more powerful, and looks exactly the same. Price starts at only 50.900 yuan and ends at 69.800 yuan. Engines: 94hp 1.5 mated to a five-speed manual or a 101hp 1.6 mated to a CVT. It is very hard to see why someone would want the EV version.


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  1. marco loglio- April 11, 2015 Reply

    With these crappy performances this EV will never sell .
    It’s incredible that after 7 years Tesla produce cars with 500 km range , still there are domestic manufacturer that dare to launch in the market EV with such a low 155 km range…
    Even the QQE that is priced 50.000 rmb has a better range.. Shame to Lifan !

  2. اتومبیل 620 EV لیفان عرضه شد- April 14, 2015 Reply

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