Women-only parking lot in Shanghai, China

Women-only parking lot in Shanghai, China

Women and parking lots can be a very dangerous combination. The Shanghai Library in the great Chinese city of Shanghai is trying to do something about this. It has added four women-only parking lots to its underground garage.


The lots are painted in pink and clearly marked with a woman-sign, similar to those found on toilet doors. The lots are designed to make it easier to park. The lots have a lot of empty space around, there is extra lighting, and they are fifty centimeters wider than a standard parking place; 3 meters instead of the normal 2.5.


Lots of light, lots of space, and pink poles will make the location easy to find as well. The lots will open later this month, and more will added if proven popular. The overall design is very similar to a comparable women-only scheme in South Korea that was launched last year.


Don’t pee here little ladies, this place is for parking! Note the yellow spot in the background under our logo. That is a McLaren 650S. Must be a hell of a library up there!

2 thoughts on “Women-only parking lot in Shanghai, China”

  1. Ha ha, I live here in Shanghai, NOBODY knows how to drive. It’s typical 3rd world rules – largest vehicle has the right of way.

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