Changan CS95 SUV hits the Beijing Auto Show

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The new Changan CS95 SUV has been launched on the Beijing Auto Show, looking very good with strong boxy lines and a brilliant super shiny grille. The car on stage of officially still a concept but the production version will be 99% similar, it will be launched on the Chinese car market in Q4.

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Note how the car on the screen in the background has a blue badge, whereas the car on stage has a black badge. Extremely annoying. Chinese automakers still find it very hard to get this sort of details right. They just don’t see it. I do. But I do not mind that much this time because that grille is so good. One more time:


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I hope all the future Changan cars are going to get it.


Great looker from the side, some Range Rover influences, with the C-pillar especially good, wide and with an angle, going up to the black roof.


Turbo. Great badge! The CS95 will indeed be powered by a turbocharged engine, a 2.0 turbo four, with about 180 horsepower, but Changan hasn’t released the specs yet.


They also didn’t want to show the interior yet. The doors were closed and the windows very black. Happily, my secret cam can see through all that, revealing a very nice interior with lots of brown leather, some shiny decorations, and a proper touch screen in the center f the ‘board.


Oddly, they did open the bonnet, with the ‘Blue Core’ 2.0 TGDI turbo in full view.


Rear lights are fashionably small, window spoiler quite big, bumper in shiny with exhaust pipe tips on each side.


With a pretty girl.

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  1. Wow, a Ford Explorer wannabe compared to the HOLY 2014 CS95 concept? I’m IMPRESSED how Changan’s people got cutting-edge

    • Well, I hav some friends who is working in Changan . They say that a top officer (Maybe Mr. Zhu,or maybe someone else higher than Mr.Zhu) in the company set the order that makes the new poduct abandon the disign of the 2014 CS95 concept vehicle. The designers in Changan are very angry, they even write a letter to policy makers of the company on the internal BBS to pesent their anger.However, it doesn’t works. The die of the white-body has produced, which means that the design is frozen.

      • Hello Albert. Thank you very much for your interesting comment. The original CS95 concept car was indeed much more daring, may be a bit too much… So I am not surprised Changan went for a more conventional design, which I think still looks pretty good.

      • There used to be a semi-concept sketch resembling the 2014 concept more than this. Seeing how the CS15 utilized the detailed front grille (In fact the CS15 is probably the best-looking of all Changan models), this is far from phenomenal.

  2. i like the grill – otherwise a poor performance from ChangAn; a shame they’re one of my favourite Chinese brands


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