Top 10 Chinese Concept Cars At The 2016 Beijing Auto Show

Top 10 Chinese Concept Cars At 2016 Beijing Auto Show

The massive 2016 Beijing Auto Show is 0ver, more than 80 manufacturers showed over 150 new cars, receiving some 800,000 visitors over ten days. It’s not easy for automakers to win the attention of spectators at such a giant auto show – they therefore bring in the eye-catching novelty of the ”concept car. A concept car is a vehicle that previews a future production car, future design, or future technology, often to test public reaction. Concept cars can roughly be divided into two categories: 1) close to production, and 2) downright outrageous.

Chinese auto shows used to be famous for the latter, but most Chinese automakers have become a bit more grounded now, focusing instead on new technologies such as electric power trains and autonomous driving. Happily, there was still enough to see for a Top Ten. More on FORBES.

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