Trash Tricycle Hits Porsche Cayenne In China

Trash Tricycle Hits Porsche Cayenne In China

An interesting car crash in China. A trash-carrying tricycle hit into a Porsche Cayenne, late at night in the great city of Zhengzhou in Henan Province. The accident lead most of the trash to land on the bonnet of the Porsche. Happily, there were no serious injuries.


We see eggs, noodle boxes, cigarette boxes, plastic bags filled with leftover food, fruit (rotten, presumably), and all sorts of juices. The front fender and front door of the Cayenne seem rather heavily damaged. Price of the Cayenne starts at a steep 970.000 yuan ($148.000), and repairs are notoriously expensive.


The tricycle has survived the impact surprisingly well. It is a tricycle of the heavy kind, made to survive a nuclear blast and fitted with a Chinese-trash-car-driver proof two-stroke diesel engine, and those are noisy and very stinky! The Cayenne must have heard it coming… Tricycles like these are now forbidden in most Chinese cities, but at night they come out, when no one is watching. So be aware.

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