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First Tesla Model X Spotted On The Road In China

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The very first Tesla Model X has been seen on the road in China, pictured here in the wet in the great and rainy city of Shanghai. This particular car is a 90D, painted in a blue kind of silver and fitted with privacy glass around the rear compartment. The Model X was launched on the Chinese car market in early May and deliveries will start late this month.

The 90D retails for 961,000 yuan, the P90D for 1.15 million yuan, and the China-only Signature Red does a whopping 1.47 million yuan. That translates to $147,000, $176,000, and $225,000 respectively. For comparison, in the U.S. the 95D costs $95,500 and the P90D $115,500.

The enormous difference is caused partly by import taxes, counting for about one third of the price, and partly by healthy entrepreneurship. Chinese car buyers are very eager to pay more to get their hands on a Model X, and Tesla is well aware of that.

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