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Hands Off! These 8 Citroens Are Only For China

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Citroen is the most localized car maker in China, having more China-only cars in their lineup than any other brand. It sells eight Citroen-branded cars on the Chinese market. Six of these are made locally and five of those are China-only. Citroen also sells six cars under the DS brand; four are made locally and three of those are only for China.

That adds up to a total lineup of 14 cars, 8 of which are exclusively for China. Soon the Citroen C6 will be added to the list, again locally made and locally sold.

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  1. Hi guys, sorry to ruin your weekend, but there is an error in the article: The Citroen C-Elysee is not China-only – it is also made in Spain and sold in various markets in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Middle East and South America. My brother in Israel has one…


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