Haval H2 Blue Label Launched On The Chengdu Auto Show In China

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The Haval H2 Blue Label has been launched on the Chengdu Auto Show in China. Haval has a new idea called the ‘Double Strategy’. They will have two versions of each car, a Blue Label and a Red Label. The Blue Label cars will be aimed at the young and hip, whereas the Red Label cars are for normal people.

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This white car is the standard Haval H2, which is now the H2 Red Label. It seems a rather pointless idea, especially because the red and blue label cars don’t really differ much. Same size, same engines, and same looks bar for the grille and lights. Likely an idea of the marketing department so they can spend more money. Customers will just get confused. Are they hip enough for the Blue Label or not? Is 35 years too old for a Blue Label or not? Questions and questions.

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haval h2-3

The H2 Blue Label will be launched on the Chinese car market late this year. Price will range from 85,000 to 110,000 yuan, which is the same range as the H2 Red Label. The engine is the same too; a 1.5 turbo with 150hp and 210nm, mated to a six-speed automatic or manual.

haval h2-4

The biggest differences between the labels are on the inside. The Red Label gets a new center stack with a larger touch screen. It also gets hipper seats and some stripes here and there. The gear lever however looks decidedly tractor. What a huge knob!

haval h2-5

Red Label. No colors. Smaller screen. Smaller knob.

haval h2-6

Roof rails are the same. Lights are the same shape but texture differs a little bit. Lower bumper is different, with shiny pipes for the Blue Label.

haval h2-7

Red Label.

haval h2-8

Blue badge on the H2 Blue Label.

haval h2-9

Red badge on the H2 Red Label.

haval h2-9a

The also had a red Blue Label. Totally confusing. This label plan is madness. We bet they kill the whole thing within a year.

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  1. The whole label thing was introduced at the Beijing Show. Since then we have the H1 Red (wb 2383), H1 Blue (2460), H2 Red (wb 2560), H2 Blue (2560), H2S Red (2550), H2S Blue (2550), H5 Red (2700), H5 Blue (2700), H6 Red (2680), H6 Blue (2680), H6 Coupe Blue (2720), H7 Blue (2850), H7 Red (2850), H8 Red (2915), H9 Red (2800). How to chose a Haval???

    • Yes, but this is the first time the cars are actually different, isn’t it? different front, dash, etc.

      But indeed, their lineup is crazy, and even more cars are on their way…


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