Spy Shots: Great Wall WEY 01 SUV Is Naked In China

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New Spy Shots of the production version of the WEY 01 SUV for China, looking very clean in the dirty white snow, fitted here with a gold colored front section. WEY is a new “premium SUV” brand under Great Wall Motors. The 01 will hit the Chinese car market in April.

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New photos of the interior. This is a pre-production car. Touch screen is very thin. Center tunnel in piano black with a shipload of buttons. Ambient blue light in the doors very nice.


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The screen is not very large for 2017, it seems to be a 9-incher. Steering wheel looks very nice, sporty with a flat bottom.


The centerpiece however is the super clear digital instrument panel. Drivers will be able to adjust colors and the looks of the dials.


Center tunnel with on the left side buttons to switch off traction control, hill-descent control, ECO and SPORT. The rotary dial controls the infotainment system. Dial and buttons around it seem rather small.


Rear bench with more blue in the doors.


WEY in the village.

Power will come from a 2.0 turbo with 234hp and 360nm, mated to a six-speed automatic ‘box, sending power to all four wheels.

There is some uncertainty about the size. When the W01 and its sister car W02 debuted as semi-concepts in Guangzhou WEY stated these dimensions:

W01: 4600/1860/1720, and wheelbase is 2680.
W02: 4420/1845/1695, and wheelbase is 2660.

But the latest numbers for the W01 are:

W01: 4749/1931/1655, and wheelbase 2960.

That is a huge difference. Optically the show car and the production car appear to be about the same but it is hard to say without clearer pictures.


Camouflaged test car. Check roof line behind B-pillar and D-pillar, and compare with…


… W02 on show. D-pillar appears to be smaller. More on this when we get better pictures, which in any way will be soon.

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  1. I know Great Wall has better things to do than read comments sections for obscure blogs, but they should hear me out.

    If they want to consolidate their brand as a premium brand, they should also build an H8-based X5/XC90 fighter and a RWD sports sedan under Wey. Likely not as profitable as mid-sized SUVs, but those markets are also pretty big in China, and the domestic industry should also be claiming part of it.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. But let’s stick to this WEY first. It look so great, yet no copy. And I would really love to see it in Europe – as it has a 4×4 drive. I would like a Hybrid though.

    Attention: These headlights seem bigger and a bit different from the previous elegant ones presented in the former article. I hope this isn’t the latest? The previous, smaller ones was even more PREMIUM. 🙂

    If Great Wall read this blogg, let them understand both this, and that we want the car in Europe – with Hybrid. Even 350 HP would be perfect!

    • The whole bumper cover is suddenly larger in these newest pictures, actually not only the headlights as I noticed first. It is a whole new front design. And I don’t like it. It is sad if this is the final.

      In the previous pictures here on my favorite site; ‘Car News China’ by Editor Tycho de Feijter; on the 11th of January this year, the bumper cover was larger, fenders was smaller, as was the headlights also. And subsequently much more elegant. All in all a much more EXCLUSIVE design language. And that is what premium is all about isn’t it? The impression – our impression?

      So – HELLO; Great Wall! You can (ought to) do it right! 🙂

      • Sorry, just want to right the wrong. Error. In the start of this I wrote that the “whole bumper cover” seems larger than the old one/prevous showed on on the 11th of January here on China Car News.

        The fact shows below in the comment, but to clarify, when the last pictures of 17th. show the bumper cower, it is not larger – it is smaller due to the fact how it is assembled to the fenders. It is no longer horizontal. Then of course the fenders must be larger and the bumper cover obviously smaller. But there are more changes to the design as well. Look at the line below the fog lights as an example.


      I was just thinking – from the point of view – that I live in Norway, the country with the highest density of Electric Cars compared to population, that my “Dream Car” would be as this WEY-design, pared with only Electric power. 300 – 400 hp. But most important; a range similar or even 10% better than Tesla’s ‘S’ and ‘X’, and most modern battery- and technologically solutions of course. Although the total “autonomus” driving isn’t very interesting, correction solutions for the driver may be a ‘trend’ to follow.

      Anyway, that would be a winner – and I would buy at least two tomorrow. And the market…. they would love it!! At least 50.000 could be sold in Norway if it was here tomorrow, for a price not exceeding US$ 10 – 12.000. 🙂

      • Sorry, that was a joke. We would happily pay US$ 40.000 to 70.000 for a car like this. Seriously.

        Just a little bit cheaper than the Tesla’s. 🙂

        We have 100% free import tax and free VAT on Electric car’s in Norway (compared to the 100% on Diesel and Petrol cars). That is a huge incentive – that works!

        • You Northern Folks would most likely get the Geely-Volvo Venture Lynk & Co. first.

          Personally, I don’t think Haval or other Chinese brands (BYD/GAC/Wuling) has the financial clout yet to expand into Europe ,especially when the Germans would pull all strings to drive out the new competition (Playing the ‘safety’ , ‘quality’ and ‘reliability’ card and using that against the Chinese makes).

    • Wheels on these cars should be at least 18″ – 235/60 – R18, up to 20″ – 265/45 – R20. Or more… doesn’t look like it is that in the pictures, does it?


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