This Is The Great Wall WEY 01 SUV For China

This Is The Great Wall WEY 01 SUV For China

The very first photos of the production version of the new WEY 01 SUV for China, looking very clean and sleek, especially in this matte silver paint job. WEY is a new “premium SUV” brand under Great Wall Motors. The 01 will hit the Chinese car market in April.


Very narrow rear window. WEY badge in the middle. All very nice.

There is however some wuzzy. When these cars debuted as semi-concepts in Guangzhou WEY stated these dimensions:

W01: 4600/1860/1720, and wheelbase is 2680.
W02: 4420/1845/1695, and wheelbase is 2660.

But the latest numbers for the W01 are:

W01: 4749/1931/1655, and wheelbase 2960.

That is a huge difference. Optically the show car and the production car appear to be about the same but it is hard to say without clearer pictures.

The specs on the engine didn’t change as much; Show car claim: 2.0 turbo with 230hp and 360nm. Production car: 2.0 turbo with 234hp, no claim on torque.


And this is an all new variant, it wasn’t on show in Guangzhou. It seems to be a sporty version with an aggressive front spoiler and four fat exhaust pipes. No additional information available at this point, but with those looks it should get more horses!

One thought on “This Is The Great Wall WEY 01 SUV For China”

  1. It is difficult to tell where this design is inspired. It is a bit of Mazda, a bit of BMW – yet it is still “it’s own”. No copy really. And the way it looks as a whole, it is not only elegant, it looks PREMIUM!

    Great work Great Wall! Wish I could buy it with a decent modern hybrid engine – 240 – 280 hp. That would/could have been a winner also in Europe. 4×4 of course.

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