Exclusive! The Lynk & Co 02 Crossover SUV Coupe

Lynk & Co 02

A BIG exclusive at CarNewsChina.com today: this gray little lightning is the still ultra-secret Lynk & Co 02, which will only be launched sometime late next year. The  Lynk & Co 02 is a car that is hard to define. It is a true crossover, mixing elements of an SUV, a hatchback, a sedan (really), and a SUV coupe. It sure looks cool, especially with its fiery red detailing and wheels.

And there is the sedan part, right on its behind. A similar idea as the Volvo S60 Cross Country and the Borgward BX6. Red strip on bumper looks great.

Power comes from the Volvo 1.5 liter turbocharged 3-pot with 177 hp and 265 Nm. The engine is made in China by Geely and has the JLH-3G15TDC engine code. Unlike the Lynk & Co 03 sedan it will not be available with the Sweden-made variant of the same engine.

Size: 4448/1890/1528, and wheelbase is 2702.

Just like a hatchback, but it isn’t. Confusing car, but good looking.

I want my bumpers in pink purple.

And my wheels in blue.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive! The Lynk & Co 02 Crossover SUV Coupe”

  1. The colored part (red in the main picture), look silly. As long as it have two half round space cut outs – it is only logical they are for exhaust pipes. Why else should they have this size?
    Assembly error comes to mind….

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