Spy Shots: Lynk & Co 02 Testing In China

Lynk & Co 02

The very first Spy Shots of the upcoming Lynk & Co 02. The 02 is a compact SUV-crossover-coupe, similar to the Borgward BX6. The Lynk & Co 02 is expected to launch mid next year, it will be positioned below the Lynk & Co 01. The 02 appears to have similar top-fender headlights as the 01.

Heavy camouflage is trying to hide the sloping rear end; fails. The 02 will be available with a 1.5 liter three-cylinder with about 180 hp, and with a 1.5 plug-in hybrid with about 220 hp. The car on the photos is the hybrid.

Price is yet unsure but a good guesstimate would be a base price of about 140,000 yuan.  The 02 will be the second car of the Lynk & Co brand, and it will be followed by the Lynk & Co 03 sedan.

Lynk Co 02

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