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Tricycle Hits On Rolls-Royce In China

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An unfortunate crash in the great city of Guiyang in Guizhou Province in China. A small delivery tricycle crashed into the rear of a very expensive Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Price of the Ghost starts at 4.2 million yuan in China ($648.000) and even small repairs are enormously, and notoriously, expensive. And that is nasty for the tricycle driver, because under Chinese law the rear-ender is automatically responsible in a rear-end collision.

And to make matters worse, these drivers are usually not insured, neither on personal or on company level. There are many sad stories of tricycle/bicycle/mini-van drivers that go totally bankrupt after a crash. Some have called for new laws to protect these people, but so far without result. And that leaves a driver just one option:

Cry. Cry it out. Cry it loud.

The damage to the Rolls-Royce seems minimal. But even a small repair costs far more than this crying man earns in years.

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