First Photos Of The Interior Of The Great Wall ORA iQ5


The very first photos of the interior of the upcoming ORA iQ5, and surprisingly it doesn’t have anything like a big touch screen. There is a digital instrument panel and a small screen in the center stack.

A very odd choice in a time where every Chinese automaker goes for the biggest screens they can possibly fit. What is ORA trying to do here, are they trying to be different?!

ORA is a new EV brand under Great Wall Motors.

Great Wall lags behind when it comes to New Energy Vehicles (NEVs). They could have solved that by adding a bunch of electrics to their exiting Haval and WEY brands.

But that wouldn’t be the Chinese way, would it? Nope it would not. The Chinese way is adding a new brand, so that’s just what they did.

The new brand is called ORA, Oula in Chinese.

The first ORA is the white beautiful you see on these photos. It is a sporty four-door SUV-sedan-liftback, called the iQ5. Power comes from an electric motor with 160 hp, good for a 150 km/h top speed. Range is yet unknown.

Size: 4445/1735/1567, wheelbase is 2615 and curb weight is 1395 kilo.

Design-wise is appears closely related to the 2017 WEY Pi4 VV7x concept car, although that wasn’t an electric.

The iQ 5 is the the only known ORA so far, but knowing Great Wall, that won’t last very long. Expect a massive similar-product roll-out in the near future.

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