This Is The New Hongqi E-HS3 Electric SUV For China

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Hongqi E-HS3 Electric SUV

This is the production version of the Hongqi E-HS3, a new full electric SUV for China, and the first electric car for the iconic Hongqi brand.

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The production car looks 99% the same as the semi-concept shown on the Beijing Auto Show. The most notable difference is that the production car has blue lines in the fog light fitting. The grille is different too, but buyers can specify the sportier grille of the car on top, or…

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… the more traditional grille similar to the concept’s.

Power! There will be two versions, one with a single 152 electric motor and one with two 152 hp electric motors. That’s 304 horses in total for the twin-motor car, and that immediately makes it the most powerful mass production Hongqi ever. There are no other specifications available yet.

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Size: 4490/1874/1613, wheelbase is 2750, and curb weight is 1890 kilo.

Up until now it was always assumed that there would be a petrol version as well, called the Hongqi HS5. But recently we keep hearing unconfirmed reports that the petrol version has been cancelled altogether, and that this SUV will be EV-only.


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  1. Nice car. Doesn’t look like an electric vehicle! Notable it has a low curb weight; only 1890 kilo. Including batteries – hopefully for 500 km WLTP range. 🙂 That would be great.
    Another important question – will the twin engines be one on front wheels and the second on rear wheels? In other words a full 4WD?

    Let’s wait and see…

  2. Doesn’t look bad to me, especially for a Hongqi. I quite like the look of a front and rear but the sideview seems quite dated already. They need a crossover/SUV in their range so E-HS3’s debut is very welcome. I believe that a twin engined version has an engine on each side which makes it a 4WD vehicle. With a curb weight this low I wouldn’t however expect it’s range to be as big as 500km WLTP.
    This is my first comment on your website and I would like to thank you for great effort you put to make it as interesting as it is.

  3. One mistake:Hongqi E-HS3 is based on Hongqi 3 Platform, which has some relationship with the former Besturn X80 EV. Hongqi HS5 is based on Hongqi 5 platform, which has some relationship with Ford EUCD platform.


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