This Is The Beijing Qingxing Jingke 400 Electric MPV From China

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Jingke 400 Electric MPV

This is the new Beijing Qingxing Jingke 400, a small electric MPV that will be launched on the Chinese car market in Q3. Beijing Qingxing is the company name, Jingke 400 is the vehicle’s name.

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Beijing Qingxing is a new company, established in 2017 and based in Beijing. They are a subsidiary of FAW-Jilin, in turn a subsidiary of First Auto Works (FAW). The company has been established to cash into the booming EV market in the capital, bringing some competition to Beijing Auto and its various affiliates.

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The Jingke 400 us based on the FAW-Jilin Senya S80, a gasoline powered mini MPV. Price of the Senya S80 starts at 49.900 yuan and ends at 65.900 yuan. Lone engine is a 88 hp 1.3 petrol. It is a very old car and hasn’t been updated since 2015, so it will likely be cancelled soon.

But it will live on in the Jingke 400. The transformation was easy: Beijing Qingxing changed absolutely nothing about the looks. All they did was adding a few blue lines in the front bumper.

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There was of course a bigger change under the hood. Out went the stinkin’ petrol engine and in came an electric motor. It has 82 hp and 220 Nm, and it is mated to a 45.5 kWh battery pack. Range is 308 kilometers.

Range with a constant speed of 60 km/h is 380 kilometers. The 60 km/h thing is an unofficial, and seemingly meaningless, standard used by many Chinese automakers.

The interior is largely the same as in the Senya S80 as well, but Beijing Qingxing added an ultra-cheap looking after-market touch screen. Strangely, they also didn’t change the…

… gear lever, which looks very out of place in an EV.

Brown faux-leather seats are nice. The car seats five persons.

A typical one-child policy photo, with a lone kid with parents and grannies. Up until two years ago every car maker in China used such images, but the policy has since been changed; two kids is okay now! Most automakers have adjusted their imagery accordingly, but Beijing Qingxing must have missed the memo.

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  1. “…It is a very old car….”
    This Jingke is derived from the old petrol-powered Daihatsu Xenia, introduced in China by FAW way back in 2007.

  2. There seems to be a number of incorrect facts in this article.

    Firstly, according to Auto Sina, the Jingke 400 is a 6-seater (not five), Beijing Qingxing is engaged in a partnership with FAW-Jilin (it’s not a subsidiary) and is aimed at third- and fourth-tier cities (not Beijing).

    Secondly, according to Beijing Qingxing’s official website, the company was founded in 2016 (not 2017) and it seems they did get the memo about the end of the one-child policy after all, as the website features a photo with two kids and two grandparents (4th scroll picture on the homepage).

    Finally, how come the photos of the Jingke 400 have a Carnewschina inscription on them? These are official Beijing Qingxing photos that don’t belong to you.


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