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Following GAC, Xpeng released a 480kW supercharger. 200km in 5 minutes

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Last month we reported GAC Aion revealed its 480kW supercharger. GAC claimed it could do 0-80% in 8 minutes. For comparison, Tesla’s V3 Supercharger has the power of only 250kW, and mainstream charge points in China average between 60-180kW. Now Xpeng is coming with its supercharger.

Xpeng automobile held the third 1024 Science and Technology Day with the theme of “intelligence first, explore infinity.” According to He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xpeng automobile, electrification and intelligence are accelerating, and Xpeng will continue to explore new possibilities for travel in the future. Xpeng automobile will also start from the four dimensions of super energy supplement, intelligent driving, intelligent robot horse, and flying car.

During this year’s national day, electric vehicles are facing the problem of highway charging. For an electric vehicle company, it is essential to solving users’ charging anxiety. Xpeng automobile focuses on super energy supplement systems. As He Xiaopeng said, super energy supplement is the basis of future traveling. The excellent energy supplement system of Xpeng automobile is divided into three aspects: urban energy supplement, supercharging, and highway charging, which meets different needs.

Xpeng automobile has the largest charging network of all Chinese EV startups, including 439 supercharging stations and 1648 free charging stations. Xpeng will promote the complete technical upgrading of vehicles, charging piles, and charging stations in the future.

Xpeng released China’s first mass-produced 800V high-voltage SiC platform, with a charging peak current of more than 600A. It can get an endurance of 200km after charging for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, to give the full potential of the 800V platform, the Xpeng automobile released the 480kw high-pressure overcharged pile.

In the future, Xpeng will continue to make efforts in terms of layout according to the travel data of car owners, ensure the travel energy supplement in the urban circle, and set up a charging network around the highway service area and the entrance and exit of the highway to meet the needs of long-distance travel. He Xiaopeng stressed, “the super energy supplement system of Xiaopeng automobile is committed to eliminating the mileage anxiety of users. We hope to cover all major cities, towns, and most highways within two years so that users can charge safely when they travel long distances on holidays or return to their hometown.”

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  1. I’m not seeing any mention of how long a full charge (or at least to 80%) will take here. The battery pack itself is key to the claims, building a super high wattage charger has never been the bottleneck.


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