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Voyah wins grille game with Dreamer MPV

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What has a bigger grille than any BMW, seats from a private jet, and hot-hatch acceleration? Why, the new Voyah Dreamer MPV, of course!

Following the release of the Voyah Free SUV, Voyah unveils its “Dreamer” MPV; a large, luxurious MPV available in pure electric or range-extender PHEV form. True to its name, the Dreamer is a sleeper, capable of doing 0-100km/h in just 5.9 seconds. An independent air suspension system and low center of gravity should mean a comfortable ride.

Those looking for a subtle vehicle might need to look elsewhere, as the Dreamer is a hard one to miss. Apart from the headlights and logo, the front of the Dreamer consists of grilles and intakes; ironic, given the powertrains don’t need all that much air. But, in a world where the competition (Lexus LM, Toyota Alphard) has giant grilles, one must go with the flow.

From the side and rear profiles, the Dreamer looks more mainstream. We can’t blame the Dreamer for looking a little blocky, it’s hard to hide the 5315mm x1980mm x1810mm dimensions. Wheels seem a tad small for the wheel arch, but the turbine rims are cool! The rear looks smart, though there are many L shapes in the tailight, couldn’t they have gone for Vs instead?

Available in a 2+2+3 or a limo-like 2+2 configuration, Voyah touted the Dreamer as “perfect for business and families”. Only the blue/white/gold 2+2 Limo configuration was shown; it looks luxurious indeed, but a little over the top. Hopefully, the 2+2+3 seating is more down to earth with its color choices.

More information on the Voyah Dreamer will be available following the Guangzhou auto show. Stay tuned to CarNewsChina.

Sources: XCar, D1EV

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