Ora Punk Cat NOT a Volkswagen Beetle?


Planned for market release next year, the Punk Cat is the creation of Ora, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors. Ora has had good success in the Chinese car market lately, with a lineup of small, quirky electric city cars.

First appearing in the 2021 Shanghai auto show, the Punk Cat created quite a stir amongst car journalists and netizens alike, with discussions mostly surrounding the “originality” of the design. Along with the Punk cat, a suspiciously Panamera-looking Lightning Cat concept was also displayed, which added to the controversy.

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XPENG P5 Sedan released on Chinese market



Sedans are, unfortunately, a dying breed in the global car market. Thankfully, Chinese car buyers still love sedans, so manufacturers are still releasing new models in a frequent manner- especially ones with hybrid or pure electric drivetrains.

XPeng has long been considered one of the most promising Chinese EV startups. Known for their advanced self-driving tech and the curvy lines on the P7 sports sedan, XPeng is now venturing into the mainstream sedan market with their newly released P5 EV.

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Aiways U6 is a budget Urus in China

Ever feel that car design isn’t “rad” enough?  Or want a car that reflects your gamer lifestyle?

This is the Aiways U6, a midsize SUV that is many things but definitely not subtle. In this article, we see some final details not available to us in the past.

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BYD Yuan Plus approval documents submitted!

Car manufacturers in China have been mesmerized with adding suffixes like “max”, “plus” and “pro” to their model names lately, often due to the practice of selling multiple generations of the same vehicle at the same.

A couple of days ago, we covered the BYD Yuan Pro EV, a cheap and cheerful sub-compact SUV with a 401 km range; Today, let’s look at another BYD Yuan with one of these confusing suffixes, the BYD Yuan Plus, courtesy of its submitted approval documentation!

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GAC Aion LX achieved an incredible 904 km range in extreme weather test


EV battery technology is a lucrative and rapidly growing field. The pressure is on both battery and car manufacturers to increase the energy density of their batteries, increase the efficiency of the vehicles while simultaneously lowering unit costs- a challenging task indeed. 

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Chery Tiggo 3x Queen Edition Is Pink From The Factory

A couple of trends are unique to the Chinese car market, like trim levels created specifically for female customers. Done to varying extents, cars like the Nio ES8 have a “queen seat” that could almost lay flat, while others are entire trim levels. Ora, Wei, and Chery seem to be especially fond of making “Queen” and “Goddess” trims. The latest such car is the new Chery Tiggo 3x Queen Edition, only for the ladies, and perhaps for a queen.

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Chery QQ to be resurrected as electric micro

Ah, Chery QQ. These little Chevy Spark clones were everywhere back in the late 2000s when I arrived in China. Usually powered by a mighty 0.8L 3 cylinder, the QQ gained widespread popularity due to its very affordable price, cute design, and generally a lack of competition back in its era.

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Toyota Sienna to be produced in China

In many countries, a vehicle like the Toyota Sienna would spend its days doing the school run and getting groceries; In China, that role is mainly left to SUVs. With the recent law allowing three children per family (used to be a one-child policy), MPVs are starting to make more sense to Chinese buyers.

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Wuling makes a mere 89 RMB (14 USD) profit on Mini EV

Wuling HongGuan Mini EV

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