BYD Han Updated In China – Price Starts At 31,400 USD, Top Trim Comes With 500 HP

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BYD officially launched its updated Han EV series. This updated luxury sedan comes in three pure electric models and one PHEV model.

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Top: Han EV. Bottom: Han DM-i PHEV.

The updated Han also comes with a limited edition called Qianshancui, inspired by the emerald green tone of Chinese landscape painting. Under the light, the appearance can show a bright and shimmering cold green-blue.


The extended-range version is priced at 229,800 RMB (32,800 USD), the extended-range variant of the premium model is priced at 255,800 RMB (36,500 USD), the 4WD high-performance version at 279,500 RMB (40,000 USD), and the Han DM (Dual Mode) PHEV version costs 219,800 RMB (31,400 USD).

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Dragon Face Design

Striking front grille

The Han EV adopts BYD’s Dragon Face design language that blends Eastern and Western design aesthetics. The contour edges have become curved, and the air intake decorations on both sides have changed from straight lines to curved lines.

The updated Han DM-i and DM-p have also been optimized. The outline of the front grille is more rounded, and the outer outline of the grille has been chrome-plated. The density of the grille scale has been reduced. The decorative lines of the air intakes on both sides have changed from straight lines to arcs.

Dragon Claw tail lights

At the rear, the structure of the taillights has changed where the chrome-plated decoration in the middle is removed. The design of the lower bumper has been re-optimized, increasing the overall sportiness of the vehicle.

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On the side, the fast and slow charging interfaces are all transferred to the right rear side of the vehicle from the left side.


The interior is more elegant with a combination of brown and black colors and the addition of Napa leather. The center console has been upgraded with wood grain trim, including the area in front of the transmission gear. There is also a new W-HUD head-up display in the interior.

The seat’s stitching decoration is updated, and it is more 3D. The front and rear rows can choose an integrated headrest seat.

The updated Han still comes with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, 15.6-inch ultra HD 8-corre adaptive rotary suspension pad, and DiLink 4.0 smart network system. The 3D Advanced Driver Assistance System and navigation information can now be displayed.

The updated Han is equipped with the latest version of BYD’s DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, including an adaptive stop-and-go cruise-control system, forward-collision warning system, pedestrian identification and protection system, lane departure warning system, and traffic sign identification. The extended-range premium and 4WD high-performance models are standard with blind-spot monitoring, lane-change assistance, and early rear collision warning.

Customers can upgrade the Han EV with more advanced features such as BYD’s ICC Intelligent Navigation System, the ICA Integrated Adaptive Cruise System, and the TJA Traffic Congestion Assistance System.


The Han EV pure electric version

The updated Han comes standard with BYD’s 85.4kWh Blade Battery. The long-range pure electric version has a single-charge range of 605km. The four-wheel-drive, high-performance version can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in only 3.9 seconds, making it China’s fastest EV in production. The Han DM PHEV version can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.7 seconds, making it China’s fastest hybrid sedan.

The front-wheel-drive version of the pure electric Han has a maximum power of 180kW and a CLTC range of 715km. The four-wheel-drive version of the pure electric Han has a total power of 380kW (508 hp), peak torque of 700N m, a CLTC range of 610km, and an acceleration time of 0-100km/h in just 3.9s.

The Han EV DM-i version

The DM-i PHEV version comes in two pure electric ranges of 121km and 242km and fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km and 4.5L/100km, respectively. The engine’s maximum power is 102kW, and the maximum power of the front motor is 145kW. The comprehensive range can reach 1300km.

The DM-p model is equipped with a front and rear motor with a maximum power of 360kW and a peak torque of 675Nm. The maximum power of the engine is 102kW. It can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in only 3.7 seconds with a pure electric range of 202km. The fuel consumption is 5.2L/100km.

Source: Sina, BYD, AutoHome, CNFOL

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