XPeng P5 Electric Sedan Is Cheaper Than Tesla Model 3 In Europe

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XPeng has announced starting prices for the P5 electric sedan for Europe. It will be launched in four countries: Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. Its lowest price tag lies between 42,660-57,920 USD. The cheapest XPeng P5 will be available on the Norwegian market.

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What is XPeng P5?

The XPeng P5 is a compact all-electric sedan with dimensions of 4808/1840/1530 mm with a wheelbase of 2768 mm. It is 114 mm longer, 9 mm narrower, and 87 mm higher than the Tesla Model 3. The P5 wheelbase is 107 mm shorter than the Model 3’s one. All versions of the P5 have a single electric motor on the front axle for 155 kW (211 hp). With this motor on board, its zero-to-hundred acceleration time is 7.5 seconds. As for the top speed, it reaches 170 km/h.

The XPeng P5 is available in China with LFP battery packs of 55.9 kWh and 57.4 kWh. It also has versions with ternary (NMC) batteries for 61.3 kWh, 66.2 kWh, and 71.4 kWh. The P5’s range is around 450-600 km (NEDC). Another benefit of the P5 is the twin LIDAR system. As for the price, they are pretty affordable in China for 177,900-242,900 RMB (27,360-37,360 USD).  

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Starting Prices In Europe

The XPeng P5 will be available in four European countries. In Denmark, where the first XPeng store opened on April 9, the XPeng P5 is expected to start from 390,000 DKK (56,690 USD). It is a high figure, but its primary competitor, the Tesla Model 3, costs 409,990 DKK (62,560 USD). So it seems like the XPeng P5 is out of competition in terms of pricing in Denmark.

As for the Netherlands, the XPeng P5 will be available for 48,000 EUR (51,940 USD). The Model 3 starts here high at 51,970 EUR (58,990 USD). And again, the P5 is much cheaper than the EV from Tesla. In Sweden, the XPeng P5 will cost at least 550,000 SEK (57,920 USD). It surely will be the most expensive one in Europe. As for Model 3, its price reaches a significant amount of 569,170 SEK (62,775 USD).  

In Norway, the P5’s price tag will start from 380,000 NOK (42,660 USD). The XPeng’s sedan has the lowest value here. The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range RWD is still more expensive, with a cost of 384,230 NOK (43,440 USD). There is the closest competition between these two EVs. The XPeng P5 would have the lowest overseas price tag in Norway. Anyway, it doesn’t mean anyone can make a road trip and buy the cheapest XPeng sedan. The thing is, you can’t import it to the EU without paying full VAT, etc.

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Facts About The European XPeng P5

XPeng P5 Interior

The overseas version of the XPeng P5 has the same appearance as the domestic one. The P5 for Europe gets the ternary (NMC) battery for 66.2 kWh with 465 km range (WLTP). It is also equipped with the XPILOT 2.5 assisted driving system, capable of full-speed adaptive cruise control, lane change assistance, etc. It isn’t sure when the first EVs will arrive to European clients.

Source: XPeng Global, Confused

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  1. If XPeng wants to be a REAL player in EV in EUROPE …. Xpeng MUST deliver on the EV sold. Shorten the “WAITING TIME” to 4 weeks or LESS .

    • Hi, EVKingEarth! Thank you for your comment.
      I think it is a common issue for various Chinese automakers in plenty of overseas markets. It sometimes seems like they just have another plan we don’t know about 🙂

    • Waiting time won’t be an issue for a €48k Xpeng P5 because no one in their right mind will pay that much money for it.

  2. Xpeng P5 will be a huge fail in Europe.
    1) Xpeng doubled its sell price. In China it costs 50% less then in Europe, so there is no reason to pay 50k euro for this car. And no lidar in european version
    2) Xpeng P5 has a poor DC charging, only 80 kW, Tesla Model 3 reaches 200 kW
    3) Xpeng P5 is too long, over 4.81 meters. Tesla Model 3 is shorter, 4,69 meters

    European people don’t want pay chinese car at the double of price. This is an unfair price. Look at Nio: same price for Europe and China. Noone will care at Xpeng with these unfair prices…

    • Just wanted to say I agree with you 100%. The P5 is priced higher than e.g. the 77kWh VW ID4 or the 72,5 kWh IONIQ5. Which have better build quality, more range and charge much faster. Also they have a rear bench that folds down.

      They should price it closer to the 68kWh MG ZS, which sells reasonably well at ~ €36k.


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