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Spy Shots: Updated XPeng P7 Electric Sedan Spotted In China

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Chinese EV manufacturer XPeng is set to release an upgraded version of the XPeng P7, and spy shot images of the new sedan have been circulating on the internet. The latest version of the P7 is set to hit the market by mid-2023, and from the spy images, there are some changes to the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Although the car retains its present exterior shape, the images suggest that there might be changes to the headlight’s shape. The headlights of the test car appear to be longer and more narrow than the current model. Also, the upgraded P7 appears to adapt LiDar on both sides of the headlights. 

While there is no official confirmation, there are speculations that the new P7 might be built on the company’s 800V high-voltage SiC platform. If this happens, the car is expected to have a charging time of five minutes and a driving range of over 700 km. 

Inside the car, the armrest box and cupholder have new designs. Additionally, there are two spots dedicated to mobile phones on the center console which will support wireless charging. Other changes include a multifunction steering wheel, which is the same as the steering on the new G9 SUV. The steering uses rollers and metal buttons, which minimizes the risks of accidental touch. Furthermore, the car sports a dual-screen design and the Xmart OS 4.0. The Xmart OS 4.0, is XPeng’s updated user interface and operating system, and it will come with features such as 3D renders of the area surrounding the vehicle.

The P7 is one of XPeng’s best performers on the market, and sales data released by the company show that the sedan is ahead of other automobiles from the company. In June alone, Xpeng delivered 15,295 vehicles. 8,045 deliveries were P7s, 5,598 were P5s, and the G3i and G3 SUVs made up the remaining 1,652 units.

Earlier this month, XPeng had sent OTA upgrades to P7 users. The new update optimizes 12 features and adds seven additional functions to the sedan, including a rear-seat reminder. The rear-seat reminder function detects activity on the rear seat when the car is parked and reminds users to pick up items or passengers seated there.

Sources: Autohome, Myzaker

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