Wuling Mini EV Cabrio Unveiled In China

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The long awaited Wuling Mini EV Cabrio is finally here. It is probably the coolest Chinese car of the year, and probably of the decade. Wuling deserves a lot of credit for having the guts and vision to bring a car like this to the market.

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The Wuling Mini EV Cabrio is aimed at young folks living in sunny places. It has only two seats compared to the four-seat hatchback version. But for losing the extra space you get a convertible soft-top roof that fully stores into the back. Behind the seats are roll bars for extra protection, ad they look cool too. The EV Cabrio comes in only three colors: sea blue, emerald, and modern black. Later on, Wuling will add additional colors.

The A-pillar is painted in matte gray. The convertible roof is standard black or optional red. It is an excellent design, making the change from hatchback to cabriolet without any problem. It almost seems as if the Mini EV was designed as a convertible from the get-go.

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The Wuling Mini EV Cabrio is a small car: 3059/1521/1614, with a 2010 wheelbase. The spec are comparable with the top-end Mini EV hatchback. The electric motor has an output of 30 kW (41 hp) and 110 Nm. Top speed is 100 kilometers per hour. The battery has a size of 26.5 kWh, good for a 280 kilometer CLTC range. This is 20 kilometers less range than the hatchback with the same battery.

Customers can reserve the Cabrio right now or join a lottery to win one. Final pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but estimates are that the Cabrio will be about 10.000 yuan more expensive than the hatchback. This would translate to about 79.800 yuan (11.600 USD). Wuling will likely offer more affordable versions of the Cabrio later on.

The interior design didn’t change. Wuling keeps it simple and offers only two interior colors: red and white. The color scheme covers the seats, doors, dash, and center tunnel.

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The white interior, showing the drive selector, the -/+ pedals, the old-school handbrake, and the steering wheel that stands remarkable flat. Palm trees in the background!

The instrument panel with an image of the Cabrio in the middle.

In China it is still very common for auto makers to pay celebrities to endorse a brand or a certain model. These celebrities figure on advertising and show up on auto shows. To promote the Mini EV Cabrio, Wuling choose Chinese hottie and actress Zhou Ye, aka 周也yeah. Outside of China, she is best known for her role in the Netflix series Word of Honor. Apparently, she likes to carry flowers in her car.

But she doesn’t like to laugh. Hey Ye, you are in a Wuling Mini EV Cabrio. Not happy, no? Smile!

The Cario will launch on the Chinese car market on September 9. By that time we’ll be back with an update on pricing.

And finally, a Mini EV Cabrio mooncake for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival (via).

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  1. It is sorry truth that our Australian government is unable to obtain Fair Dealings for it’s own people.
    I am a pensioner and NEED a cheap electric town car. WITHOUT the FALSE pricing loads imposed by the Australian “dealers” I could afford one. WITH the obstruction that exists today, I have no way of even getting a Wuling EV into Far North Queensland/Australia.
    You should realise, We KNOW we are being cheated and when I becomes important, We shall know WHO has cheated us. This reflects all the dignity of A RAT with a PLASTIC pretend gold TOOTH!
    Is there one honest anywhere in this country that can organised me a Wuling EV? I doubt it 🙁


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