BYD became the sales champion of pure electric vehicles in China, Israel, and New Zealand in January 2023

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BYD Auto‘s official announcement shows that the company sold 151,341 vehicles in January 2023, including 71,338 pure electric vehicles. BYD had ranked first in the sales of pure electric vehicles in China for ten consecutive months; Tesla had slightly led BYD in April 2022.

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One notable highlight of BYD’s sales results is its success in the export market. The company exported 10,409 pure electric vehicles in January 2023, which marks a significant increase of 31 times year-on-year. This performance has made BYD the sales champion of pure electric vehicles in Israel and New Zealand. On an annual basis, BYD sold 50,898 pure electric vehicles outside of China in 2022, compared to 13,733 in 2021, a growth of 270%.

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BYD’s sales of pure electric vehicles have increased rapidly in the Israeli market. In January 2022, BYD’s sales in Israel were 0. The company sold 2,999 vehicles in January 2023, all of which were the BYD ATTO 3, which makes BYD the top seller of pure electric vehicles in Israel and the fifth best-selling brand overall. It’s worth noting that Tesla sold only three vehicles in Israel in January, further emphasizing BYD’s dominance in the market.

Israeli top 10 best-selling brands in January

BYD’s ATTO 3 also performed well in New Zealand, selling 235 pure electric vehicles in January 2023. It makes BYD the best-selling pure electric brand in the country, with one of its models accounting for 19% of total sales of pure electric vehicles in January. Similarly, in January 2022, BYD’s sales in New Zealand were also 0.

BYD has been actively expanding its presence in international markets in recent years. For example, BYD ordered six large automobile transport ships from the shipyard in 2022, each of which can transport 7,000-10,000 vehicles each time. In addition, the company has been investing in research and development to produce high-quality electric vehicles that meet the needs of consumers in various regions. For instance, the company is committed to developing right-hand drive vehicles to open up markets such as Australia, Japan, and India.

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BYD’s analyst Tong Shu claimed that in the optimistic situation, BYD would export 300,000 pure electric vehicles in 2023.

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Source: BitAuto, BYD

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  1. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring the small BYD Seagull EVs to Australia, BUT, PLEASE, ALSO, MAKE THEM IN A 3 DOOR VERSION, WITH ONLY, 2 LARGER, FRONT DOORS, and additional front seat leg room, for easier entry and exit to the vehicle for the usually, larger, body size, Western customers who will buy them, and with easy to fold down completely-flat, rear seats, to allow much more extra luggage room to be made available inside of the 3rd door rear hatch-back area, for carrying the vehicle owner’s groceries and shopping.

    There is currently an ABSOLUTELY HUGE GAP available, right now, in almost all, of the Western Auto Markets for just such, a small, and well-value-priced, 3 Door EV vehicle that literally millions, of people, would buy, to use as their own personal City Commuter transport, and local shopping vehicle, and more than 90% of the time, it would only carry the driver, and maybe, one passenger, and so the need for the additional rear seats for carrying extra passengers would only become a consideration for less, than, 10%, of the times, that the vehicle was actually being used.

    IF, BYD would actually do this, and ALSO, make them as a 3 door EV, as I have described above, they would literally be able to sell them faster, than they could actually make, them, in nearly all, Western Auto markets.

  2. Unlikely at this point in time. next round of EVs will be the 30k AUD range which we should see this year. Seagull be be 20ks if not lower maybe in a few years time.


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