Changan Qiyuan A07 rolled off the production line in China with 710 km of range

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The Changan Qiyuan A07 sedan rolled off the production line in China with EREV and EV powertrain versions. Its all-electric version has up to 258 hp and 710 km of range. The production version A07 will be displayed at the Chengdu Auto Show, that will start on August 25. It is interesting that the production if this sedan was launched in China by JMC. Let’s get to know it better.

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Changan Qiyuan A07 mass production

We will remind you that JMC and Changan have a long story of friendship. In 2004, Changan and Jiangling Motor Corporation Group established an equally-owned joint venture called Jiangling Motor Holdings (JMH). Together, these companies launched the Landwind brand that wasn’t successful. However, in 2019, JMH was restructured, with Changan and JMC owning both 25%. The rest of shares belong to an investment company.

The JMH owns a factory at Nanchang with a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. However, this plant produces mainly Changan vehicles like the Raeton CC sedan. And now, JMH will take care of the production of the Changan’s newborn sedan, the Qiyuan A07. The first mass-production version of this sedan has rolled off the production line, getting ready for the market launch.

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Changan Qiyuan A07 details

First, we will remind you that the Qiyuan is a new brand under Changan that was previously known by its code name ‘OX’. Its Chinese name is 启源 (Qi Yuan) that can be translated as ‘Origin’. Qiyuan will become the third NEV brand from Changan. Other two brands are Deepal and Avatr. It seems that Qiyuan will be positioned as an entry-level NEV brand since its vehicles are mainly rebadged Changan ICE vehicles such as Uni-V, Lamore and CS55 Plus.

The production of the Qiyuan A07 stays in line with the version that made its debut in July this year. It has a slick aerodynamic shape and retractable door handles. The front end of the Qiyuan A07 has a long LED running lights strip. As for the high beams, they sit in the front bumper. As for the back of this sedan, it has a ducktail spoiler and a single taillight unit.

The dimensions of the Qiyuan A07 are 4905/1910/1480 mm with a wheelbase of 2900 mm. For an example, it is 90 mm shorter and 10 mm lower that the BYD Han EV. Inside, the Changan Qiyuan A07 has a huge floating screen. As for the instrument panel, the A07 hasn’t got one. It is replaced with an HUD. The steering wheel of the Qiyuan A07 has two spokes and a flat bottom. The gear shifter sits right behind the wheel.

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Speaking about powertrain, the Qiyuan A07 stands on the EPA1 platform and shares it with the Deepal SL03. Its EREV version has a 1.5-liter self-aspirated four cylinder petrol-powered ICE for 88 hp. Its power output looks pathetic, but you should keep in mind that it doesn’t transfer any torque to the wheels. Instead, it acts like a generator, charging the battery. As for the electric motor, it generates 218 hp. And the all electric version has two optional e-motors for 218 and 258 hp. As for the battery, it is also available in two options: for 58 kWh (515 km CLTC) and for 80 kWh (710 km).

Source: Laohu, Sina, Autohome, MIIT

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    • It is not. When driving EREV, it feels like normal BEV, acceleration and everything. ICE is not connected to wheels only works as power generator for battery.

  1. Are these current Changan models being rebadged to Qiyuan brand only now, or are they going to be sold simultaneously under both Changan and Qiyuan brands now? Tricky as hell

    • Hi, Michal!
      Thank you for your question! These models will be sold simultaneously since A05, A06 and Q05 are equipped with EREV powertrain while Lamore (Yida), Uni-V and CS55 have ICE and PHEV powertrain options. Moreover, they have got slightly adjusted design. However, I agree with you that the Changan’s marketing strategy is tricky for sure!


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