New Tesla Model Y was launched in China, with stronger power and unchanged price and appearance

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Tesla unveiled an updated version of Model Y in China on October 1. The refreshed Model Y brings several enhancements, including multi-color ambient lighting, a revamped dashboard, a new wheel design, and improved acceleration – all while maintaining its previous price point. The new Model Y starts at 263,900 yuan (36,100 USD).

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CarNewsChina contacted Tesla’s PR (yes, Tesla has a PR department in China) about a possible HW4 presence. The company confirmed it is not featured in the updated Model Y, which is still equipped with HW3.

This new Model Y introduces the same 256-color ambient lighting as the new Model 3. This feature allows drivers to personalize the lighting in the car to their preferences, enhancing the overall driving experience. Alongside this, Tesla has introduced a new dashboard trim crafted from textile materials.

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Tesla has also revamped the design of the 19-inch wheels, transitioning from the original silver finish to black, aligning with the new Model 3.

Importantly, the improvements extend to the Model Y’s performance. The new version offers an acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (km/h) in just 5.9 seconds, slightly faster than the previous 6.9 seconds. It’s important to note that this power boost applies specifically to the Model Y standard version. The Long Range and Performance versions remain unchanged regarding acceleration and power.

In terms of EV range, the EV range of the Model Y standard version has increased from 545 km to 554 km, an increase of 9 km. The Model Y Long Range version has 660 km increased to 688 km, an increase of 28 km. The range of the Model Y Performance version remains unchanged.

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The new Model Y retains its familiar appearance and all other configurations, maintaining consistency with the previous model.

Tesla currently sells three versions of Model Y in China: the standard version is priced at 263,900 yuan (36,100 USD), the Long Range version is priced at 299,900 yuan (41,100 USD), and the Performance version is priced at 349,900 yuan (47,900 USD).

Currently, the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in the Chinese market are very close:

Note: The current price of Model 3 is the pre-sale price, and the price may be adjusted after the launch.

Tesla’s deliveries in China this quarter

In addition, CPCA will disclose Tesla’s sales in the Chinese market in September in the next few days. Tesla delivered 32,900 vehicles in China in July, 65,000 in August, and 35,900 from September 1 to September 24. Therefore, Tesla’s delivery volume in China in the third quarter was approximately 140,000 vehicles, equivalent to about 90% of the second quarter.

The main reason for the decline in delivery volume is that the new Model 3 has not yet been delivered after its release, and the old model has been discontinued, resulting in a sharp decline in Model 3 delivery volume. In addition, almost all brands in China’s EV market were cutting prices in the third quarter, which had an impact on Tesla’s sales.

Update: Tesla publicly confirmed that the updated Model Y is HW3-based.

“Hello, updated Model Y’s automatic assisted driving hardware is not 4.0. It still uses 3.0.” Source: Tesla China Weibo

Source: Tesla China; iTHome

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