Model Y

There is no Model Y model facelift plan in China this year

Tesla confirmed no redesign for the Model Y in China for 2023, aligning with its strategy in North America, amid price adjustments.

Tesla China gave away 30 days of EAP, and cold weather packages could be purchased at half price for some Model 3s

Tesla China launched exclusive offers for vehicle owners, including promotional upgrades and benefits on EAP and cold weather functionalities.

Tesla lowered the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in China, but the lowered Model Y became more expensive

The overall price reduction this time is relatively small, and the purchase price of Model RD has also increased.

Tesla China raised the prices of Model Y LR and offered discounts to some models on the same day

Tesla models have previously experienced four price increases of varying degrees within two months.

What price war? Tesla increased Model 3 LR and Model Y LR prices in China

Tesla notified consumers two days in advance that prices would increase on November 9.

New Tesla Model Y was launched in China, with stronger power and unchanged price and appearance

This new Model Y mainly improves the power of the low-end version of Model Y, as well as some detailed design.

Tesla’s Shanghai factory’s millionth Model Y rolled off the assembly line

On August 15, 2022, Musk announced on Twitter that the total production of Tesla Shanghai's Model 3 and Model Y will be 1 million. Today, the production capacity of Model Y alone has reached 1 million.

The top 10 best-selling BEVs in the world in 2022

Tesla Model Y ranks first, Tesla Model 3 ranks second. Seven of the top ten are Chinese brands, including 4 BYD models.

Tesla’s sales surpassed BYD by 25 vehicles in New Zealand in February

Tesla's increase in sales in February allowed the company to overtake BYD in New Zealand's EV market.

Tesla Shanghai sold 66,051 EVs in January, up 10%.

Tesla marks an 18.4% increase from last December and ranked second in the sales of pure electric vehicles in China in Jan.