China’s EV registrations in Germany in November: Nio 39, BYD 701, MG 2,577

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In December 2023, the largest European automobile market continued declining as 242,000 new cars were registered, down 23% from the previous year. Nio’s deliveries were 22% down, BYD 100% up, and MG 54% up in the last month of the year.

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In 2023, a total of 2.84 million cars were registered in Germany, up 7% from 2022. 525,000 insured cars were battery electric vehicles (BEVs), up 11% from the previous year, good enough for an 18% market share. 175,000 cars were plug-in hybrids (PHEV), down 50% from the prior year and good enough for a 6% market share.

The data are published by the German Federal Motor Authority (KBA) and track new car plate registrations in the country.

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SAIC-owned British-Chinese brand MG came first in December and registered 2,577 electric cars, up 54% from the previous month. In 2023, MG registered 21,232 EVs in Germany.

The second spot goes to Smart, which registered 1,763 EVs, up 32% from the previous month. In 2023, Smart registred 17,418 EVs.

The third sport goes to BYD, which registered 701 units, up about 100% from 350 units in November. In 2023 BYD registred 4,139 EVs in Germany.

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BYD sold 341,034 EVs in December globally with 2023 deliveries being over 3 million vehicles.

Great Wall Motor’s ORA registered 405 EVs, down 5% from the month before. In 2023, GWM registered 4,660 EVs in Germany.

Volvo’s sister brand Polestar, owned by Chinese Geely, registered 265 EVs, down 6% from the previous month. In 2023, Polestar registered 6,288 EVs in Germany.

Nio got the fight spot and registered 39 EVs, down 22% from 50 in the previous month and down 85% from 260 the year before. In 2023, Nio registered 1,263 EVs in Germany. The Shanghai-based automaker entered Germany in October 2022 together with three other EU countries (Sweden, Denmark, and Netherlands).

Nio delivered 18,012 vehicles in December. In 2023, Nio delivered 160,038 units globally.

Geely has another three brands in Germany. Lynk&Co registered 24 EVs in December and 2,291 units in 2023; Lotus registered 16 EVs and 321 units in 2023. The third brand is LEVC, which wasn’t officially launched in Germany but registered 2 EVs, most likely for testing as the company produces electric cabs, mainly for the UK.

The German government announced on December 16 that it is, with immediate effect, ending all EV subsidies known as the environmental bonus program as the country is facing a budget crisis. The program was initially supposed to continue until December 31. Many automakers announced they would compensate for the 4,500 EUR subsidy, including Nio, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Stellantis and Volkswagen.

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  1. The main reason for these bad results for Chinese cars, is simply that the brands are unknown – and therefor the excellent quality is also not recognized. Only MG – that we European belive still is an English car, does have less problems with sale in the European markets.

    To expand in Europe the unknown brands need to lower their prices, in order to build their reputation and sales. The Chinese theory that they can make more money in Europe than in their domestic market, is wrong. First they need to sell a lot of good cars.

  2. BYD sells very little in Europe, they are too behind with the charging speed and their most important cars (Dolphin and Atto 3) have too many shortcomings, such as the frunk, a high-quality audio system, the planning of stops on long journeys, the rear-wheel drive, one pedal, etc.

    • 3 persons don”t agree with you Helkan. I don’t understand why. You are correct in your point of view, I have been driving Atto 3 for a year now. The only error in your comment is that you write that it have rear wheel drive – it actually have front wheel drive, but never mind. I think all opinions and comments are important.

      Therefor I generally don’t like the thumbs down alternative. If that was not a possibility here, the negative or oposit opinion would have to be written and thereby teach us what we write that others disagree with, or where we were wrong in our opinion and comment. It would be more helpful. Of course we may be wrong – but what was it? I learn nothing from thumb down.

      Generallty I think we the readers would comjment more frequently aswell. And discussions would occure, with more dynamic.

    • BYD sells “Very little” in Europe? This year first time BYD first model BYD Atto3 was introduced in most major markets in Europe, you cannot expect a totally new brand in a loyal Europe to have blockbuster sales. Tesla had pathetic sales first years in Europe. So did Toyota decades ago. Dolphin and Seal deliveries barely started. 2024 will see volume deliveries and BYD brand building, media coverage, awareness in Europe.

    • I guess that Polestar, and soon Zeekr will be availible in Germany too. But perhaps all the brands owned by Geely is included in “Geely-sales”?

  3. You are right. And many more are Chinese. Not sure if they are available in Germany though. But Autonews Europe mention Tesla’s Model 3, Renault’s Dacia Spring, BMW’s iX3 and Volvo models. Smart and Mini also come from China. And Aiway. Lotus is now Chinese too.


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