Ye it’s electric – Honda gives China a new EV series

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Honda today unveiled a new EV series for China, Ye (烨), and says it will launch six models in the serics by 2027. Three of those cars were seen at the series launch in Beijing. These consist of the Dongfeng Honda S7 and the GAC Honda (P7) due to launch later this year along with the Ye GT concept which should be produced next year. Ye should be pronounced somewhat like the English word ‘Yeah.’

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烨 (ye) means to ‘shine brilliantly’ and apparently represents “Honda’s desire to enable everyone who drives Ye Series models to unleash their innermost passions through the joy of driving, and let their individuality shine brilliantly.” The Ye series sits alongside the e:N series of EV models which already exist in China. Honda hasn’t said much about how the two ranges are positioned relative to each other but Car News China believes the Ye series represents a more high tech EV line. Adding to the confusion Dongfeng Honda launched its own EV brand, Lingxi, last year.

The three Honda Ye series cars seen on the stage at the Beijing launch.

Visually setting the new series apart from other Honda models is a new illuminated H logo designed exclusively for Honda’s next generation EV models. Honda says the Ye series uses new pure EV architecture exclusively developed for the series and based on the needs of Chinese users.

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Stealing the show the Ye GT concept creates a low and wide Grand Tourer EV. The car was designed by the Chinese R&D team where the average age is just 32 years old. At the front there is a through light strip design. Behind the car are a number of mainstream Chinese suppliers withs CATL suppling the battery, Huawei the intelligent cockpit and iFlytek the voice control system.

Chinese suppliers behind the Honda Ye series of EVs.

Inside we can see that the design is not only futuristic but sporty as well. According to Honda the driver’s seat is designed to immerse the driver in a race driver like experience (Ed – just right for traffic jams on the gaojia).

The front seat passenger gets a far-focus display which is meant to create the depth and experience of viewing a large screen. Currently Honda are claiming that it will be on the production version saying that it will be a first for a Honda car. Like with the 7 expect to see versions from both Dongfeng and GAC with sales currently meant to commence by the end of 2025.

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Before that both the Ye P7 and Ye S7 are due to go on sale this year. Essentially the same car each has a slightly different front to give two supposedly different cars for each JV partner. The Dongfeng S7 version gets more aggressive three pronged LED running lights whereas the GAC P7 has a fuller light cluster with the LED running lights acting as outlining around the cluster. Each car will have two variants, a one motor rear wheel drive version along with a dual motor version.

The cars ride on the newly developed EV platform. Inside ambient lighting through LED lights in the instrument panel and door panels are controlled by an AI powered assistance. The interiors of the cars seem similar to the GT Concept. They come with dimming panoramic roof, headrest mounted speakers and a wireless charging pad. Safety comes from the Honda Sensing 360 package and the cars have Honda Connect 4.0 for Android phone connectivity.

Expect to see more of the cars at next week’s Beijing Auto Show.

Editor’s note:

Some years back Honda created two China only brands one for each JV. GAC had Everus while Dongfeng had Ciimo but neither amounted to much. Time will tell whether Ye amounts to anything more but at least it is a series rather than a cheap brand for outdated Honda models. The biggest problem will be how the series is perceived in relation to the e:N series. According to Honda there will be a total of 10 Honda branded EVs in China by 2027, with Ye making up six of those presumably the other four will be in the e:N series. Previously it was announced that there would be a total of 5 EVs in the e:N series by 2027.

Like all the OEMs with more than one joint venture Honda seems to be having problems satisfying the needs of each JV and this along with products that are rapidly losing competitivity is adding to the sales problems. Last year saw a 10% dip in sales for Honda over the year before.

Fast Technology is also reporting that there is a naming controversy among Chinese netizens with the character Ye (烨). It is due to the two radicals that make up the character. The first radical huo (火) means fire which is not great for an EV and I think the problem relates further to the second radical hua (华) which is part of one of the names for China, Zhonghua, and so I think Fast Technology is hinting the name could be interpreted as ‘burn China’ – not a great name from a Japanese brand. The argument sounds though a bit stupid, most Chinese characters are made up of radicals and the meaning of the new character changes. So the name Ye as Honda says means something like shining brightly and not anything else!

Sources: Honda, Autohome, Fast Technology

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  1. You misunderstood the Fast Technology post.

    Their concern is ordinary, undereducated Chinese speaker may not be able to read 烨 which is a quite archaic character. Instead, people may just read it per components, which writes 火华 = huohua = 火化= cremate. Plus that there’s also a 十 left in 烨, together the three components would make “火化十次”=”cremate ten times over”.

    Bad omen for a new brand with readily available meme-generating nickname. But again, BYD didn’t sound alright to many Chinese speakers either, back then it was a nobody making Corolla clones. Public perception is malleable after all.

  2. This reminds me of the SS name for a car that is going to be sold in Germany. Recent carnewschina article. A name alone can kill a brand.


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