BYD hides a Yangwang U7 wagon inside a Denza Z9 GT mule

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Yes, yet another BYD story! Spy shots have recently appeared of a BYD mule which seems to be using the body of the Denza Z9 GT. However, according to Chinese media the car is actually a test car for a wagon version of the Yangwang U7.

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The reasons that Autohome give for the claim are the roof mounted Lidar unit and the look of the wheels. However, the Denza Z9 GT is available with roof mounted Lidar according to the option list published by MIIT. The wheels of the test car do however look different to any current options for the Z9 GT and look very like the wheels on the Yangwang U7. Also published are interior spy shots and the layout is very different to the Denza Z9 GT and in line with Yangwang models.

First off the infotainment screen is embedded and portrait oriented rather than the floating landscape screen seen in the Denza Z9. Furthermore the screen is very much in the same style as the one seen in the Yangwang U8 with a row of control switches underneath, it is also similar to previously seen interior shots of the sedan version of the Yangwang U7. There is also an entertainment screen for the passenger and a digital instrument screen for the driver. Perhaps the biggest giveaway is the Yangwang logo on the front seat headrests! Mounted on the back of the seats are entertainment screens for the rear passengers. The seats themselves are wrapped in perforated leather.

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Much of the configuration of the wagon version of the Yangwang U7 is likely to be in line with the sedan version. Top speed for the sedan U7 is meant to be 270 km/h. There are four electric motors powering it, each with 326 horsepower for a total of 1306 horsepower. Range is 800 km with a 135.5 kWh blade battery.

The Yangwang U7 wagon will use the same e4 platform as the sedan and will feature the new DiSus-Z suspension system. In it the hydraulic shock absorbers are replaced with electric motors to give a feeling like you are riding on flat ground. BYD claim suspension has now gone from the oil era to the electric era. Adjustments can be made in as little as 10 ms. Furthermore the adjustments allow for energy recovery meaning that they can charge the battery.

The car will also come with the TianShen intelligent driving solution. In the U7 there are 3 Lidar units, 5 millimeter wavelength radars and 13 cameras providing inputs and the computing system has 508 TOPS power.

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Although from the mule it is impossible to know what the wagon will look like it is probably safe to assume it has a modern shooting brake look about it similar in style to cars like the Denza Z9 GT and Zeekr 001. With Yangwang due to display both the U8 and U9 at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed the new wagon version of the U7 could indicate serious intention to tackle the European market with BYD’s upmarket brand.

Source: Autohome

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