Denza Z9 GT

Denza reached 200,000th vehicle delivery milestone in 2 years

In the future, Denza plans to launch 10 models in the global market.

BYD’s Europe bound 3 Lidar unit PHEV Denza Z9 GT revealed

PHEV version of the Europe bound Denza Z9 GT from BYD revealed by MIIT. Car appears to have up to 3 Lidar units.

Interior of Europe bound Denza Z9 GT spied.

Spy shots of the interior of the flagship wagon from BYD brand Denza. The Denza Z9 GT will launch in May and go on sale soon.

BYD’s Denza Z9 GT flagship wagon leaks in China with 952 hp, coming to Europe next year

Porsche Panamera rival from China. It has nearly 1000 horespower.

Panamera rival from BYD and Mercedes-Benz displayed in Europe

BYD's Denza CEO said that the Z9 GT is ahead of Panamera and S-Class in terms of comfort, interior space and acceleration.