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GAC Trumpchi

GAC Trumpchi E9 luxurious PHEV MPV launched in China. Price starts at 47,000 USD

The GAC Trumpchi E9 launched in China with 1,032 km of mixed range, 373 hp and 6 L/100km of fuel consumption. To rival BYD's Denza D9.

GAC Trumpchi E9 is a new hybrid MPV with over 1000km range

GAC claims that the E9's battery would not ignite even after shooting the full pack of fully charged batteries from a 15 m distance range.

GAC Trumpchi GS3 Interior Exposed With Two Huge Screens

The Cyberpunk continuous inside the GS3, let's have a glance at it!

GAC Trumpchi Emkoo SUV Officially Launched In China, Price Starts At 16,800 USD

On September 25th, 2022, GAC officially launched the Emkoo SUV with a price range of 119,800 - 169,800 RMB (16,800 - 23,800 USD). Emkoo sits under...

New GAC Trumpchi M8 Spied in China With Two Faces

In the face of increasing competition, GAC are coming out swinging in their bid to keep the Trumpchi M8 high up on MPV buyers'...

GAC Trumpchi GS3 Power Crossover SUV Launched In China

GAC Trumpchi has officially released the official pictures of its new GS3 Power model recently. The new car was launched with its price announced...

GAC Trumpchi Emkoo Hybrid SUV For China Will Be Called Yingku

On April 2nd, GAC Trumpchi registered a new name called "Yingku," which in Chinese has a similar pronunciation to Emkoo. Officially unveiled at the...

The Big Read – GAC (2/4) – The road to success

Part 2 of the Automaker Story on GAC. In this episode GAC changes partner from Peugeot to Honda and builds up its corporate structure.

New Trumpchi GS3 SUV Pre-sale Starts At 12,800 USD In China

Its 0 - 100 km/h acceleration time is 7.5 seconds and has a fuel consumption of 6.8L/100km.

All-New Trumpchi GS3 SUV To Launch On Feb 20 With Starting Price Of 12,400 USD

The new Trumpchi GS3 is ready to launch in China on February 20 with a daring design and low price.
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