Spy Shots: Chery-Riich M1 3-door Minicar

Chery is working on it’s new brand Riich. That was supposed to be a kind of medium-prenium thing with some extra luxury in medium sized cars. Instead Riich now seems to switch focus to small cars, the M11 being a 4-door mini machine. This is the 3-door version, even smaller, a whopping 31 centimeter less burger.

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Huatai B11 will get a 1.8 Turbocharged (diesel?) engine

Huatai’s beautiful B11 is getting ready for its Beijing debut and what is likely one of the showcars was seen outside a Huatai facility with a sticker on the side which tell us what those pretty lines do hide:

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New FAW-VW Jetta is OUT

FAW-VW keeps the Jetta alive. The ancient machine is still selling very well in China, to fleets, taxicompanies and private consumers alike. The Jetta is well known for it’s reliability, it just won’t break down. VW decided for a facelift of the front that brought the a bit more in line with VW’s other vehicles and that was about it. Job done. The price went down to 70.000 rmb for the 1.6.

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New Car: Lifan SUV to Debut at Beijing Auto Show

Lifan is moving up to ‘urban’ city people with this brand new suv. Name loox to be a rather imaginative ‘SUV’. Size is 4550x1705x1495, wheelbase is 2600.

Power comes from Lifan’s trusted 1.6 with 78kw and 137nm which won’t make this a fast one, but who needs speed in town? No 4×4 either, just the front wheels to get all that power down the parking lot. Design is nice and neath, I especially like the roofline and the wheel arches and the fact it doesn’t really look like a copy of another car. Prices will start around 100.000 rmb.

Spy Shots: Tongtian-Geluo Aygo Clone

Even though Toyota had some issues lately the brand continues to inspire Chinese automakers. The Aygo proves the most popular, it is copied by BYD, Geely and JAC. This new one is from a factory called ‘Jilin Tong Tian’ from Jilin in Jilin Province. (mind: Jilin is not the capital of Jilin, it was before, but today the capital is Changchun)

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Alibaba’s Treasure: Huoyun Electric Tricar

Alibaba.com is Asia’s biggest trade website, many small companies try to get their stuff noticed abroad. The Chinese are the funniest with all their copycats and other weird machines. Today we have a fantastic looking 3-wheeled electric car from a company called ‘Huoyun Electric Car’ from Zibo City in Shandong Province.

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Spy Shots: Chery A6CC is Not Death either

Chery seems to go for two sportmachines: the M14 hardtop convertible and this A6CC coupe. Last week we saw some pictures of the M14 testing and today two sexy red A6CC’s on a factory parkinglot. Some think that the M14 will be renamed A6CC but then why is the real A6CC still around. Chery might change both cars in one: an A6CC coupe and and A6CC convertible. In that case one would expect at least some similarities in design, like around the nose, but there are none. The A6CC is expected to debut, as is the M14, at the Beijing Auto Show at the end of April.

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