SPy Shots: Brilliance FSV Sport

Brilliance Automotive is slowly sexing up its range, newest addition is this sportsmodel based on the FSV, the FSV itself is based on the slightly bigger BS4. The ‘FSV sport’, as I call it for now until known better, got a load of extra plastic and a brand new front. The blackened grille loox really sporty, the normal FSV has too much chrome there and that ain’t helping top speed.

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From Alibaba’s Treasure: Lizhong Jeep 800cc

Alibaba.com is Asia’s biggest trade website, many small companies try to get their stuff noticed abroad. The Chinese are the funniest with all their copycats and these include a lot of cars. Today the first one: this Jeep 800cc by a company called Ningbo Yinzhou Lizhong Vehicle Co., Ltd. from Ningbo in Zhejiang Province.

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Spy Shots: Greatwall CH041 Sedan

Greatwall had been very busy the last couple of years, it brought many suv’s, hatchbacks and small cars to the marketplace. But the line-up lacks one vital car: a sedan. This is it, the new mid-size CH041, seen here at a dealer presentation. The code name will probably go for something more Greatwallisch like ‘Selover’ of ‘Medilike’, the world will know the real name after the Beijing Autoshow at the end of April where Greatwall plans to introduce it to hungry Chinese customers.

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“FAW Car 2009 net profit up 49.8%”

ChinaDaily reports that FAW’s (First Auto Works) net profit is up 49.8% compared with 2008. FAW has joint ventures with Volkswagen, Toyota and Mazda and produces cars under their own Besturn and Hongqi brands. The numbers are yet another sign that the Chinese market keeps growing fast despite the recession everywhere else. The numbers do not include FAW’s commercial vehicle sales. China Daily talks:

FAW Car Co, a unit of one of China’s three largest auto makers, First Automotive Works, said Thursday its net profit rose 49.8 percent to 1.6 billion yuan ($234 million) in 2009 from a year earlier, fueled by strong sales.

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New Car: Greatwall M2 Crossover

Greatwall Motors has a new child and it is called ‘M2’. Is it a boy or a girl? Well, they call it a ‘crossover’ so it is a bit of both. It is made for ‘urban’ people, those are a cool lot who buy their sofa’s at Ikea. Ikea is hip in China. The M2 is based on Greatwall’s Coolbear, that car’s design is ‘based’ on a Unintended Accelerating vehicle from Japan.

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China Toy Car: Beijing Taxi

A very nice 1:43 model of a Beijing Beijing-Hyundai taxi, found it for 3 US dollar in the supermarkt in my street. The colors are fine, wheels as the real thing and scale well done. But the panel gaps are a bit on the wide side and Beijing Taxi’s don’t have blackened windows. Nevertheless, considering the price a nice addition to my collection.

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Spotted: Maybach 62S in my street

Illegally parked on a bicycle lane in my street, this very impressive monster of a machine, a Maybach 62S. It is so much bigger than it loox on photo’s, a full 6.2 meters long and 2 wide. Still, the Chinese didn’t really notice, when a Lambo is parked somewhere thousands get their camera phones out. The Maybach just ain’t striking enough.

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FAW-Besturn B70 for National People’s Congress

Only two days ago I posted an article about an article in China Daily saying that the government no longer wanted to buy automobiles from foreign-Chinese joint ventures but only from true patriotic Chinese-Chinese ventures. They didn’t lie. The National People’s Congress is in session now in Beijing and the delegates’ limosines of choice are FAW Besturn B70’s.

FAW has joint ventures with a many foreign makes but this one is sold under their own Besturn- name (pssst! it’s based on a Mazda 6 from JAPAN) so it’s all right for the Chinese government. This used to be an exclusive Audi A6 territory, oh the old days are gone…

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New Car: Chery Fulwin 2 Sedan

A new Chery fell from the tree, meet the Fulwin 2 sedan. In Chinese it is called 风云, Fengyun, which literally means ‘windcloud’ but is used to describe a hard wind or storm. The English name ‘Fulwin’ comes from ‘full wind’. The old Seat based Fulwin was known in some markets as ‘Fulwin’ and as ‘Fengyun’ in others. When the new Fulwin was still only a prototype Chery called it ‘Storm 2’ in English. Chery likes confusion among its foreign customers, anyway: this is the Fulwin 2 until Chery changes the name again.

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