Can transport 7,000 cars at a time! BYD’s Ro-Ro vessel Explorer 1 completed its sea trial

According to media reports, BYD has ordered a total of 10 car roll-off ships, and this trial is the first one.

BYD sold a record 301,903 vehicles in November, up 32%, with PHEV sales decreasing

YangWang U8 delivered 408 units in November.

The 200,000th BYD Seagull rolled off the assembly line

It took 7 months from the launch of BYD Seagull to the completion of the 200,000th unit rolling off the assembly line.

BYD exported battery packs on a large scale via aviation for the first time

BYD did not disclose the specific buyer of the batteries, but announced that the transportation destination was Frankfurt, Germany.

Two Chinese cars became finalists for The Car of the Year in Europe 2024

BYD Seal and Volvo EX30 are in the finals of Car of the Year in Europe 2024, continuing their race for the winning title.

Chinese are going to take over European Car of the Year 2024

Seven Chinese cars became candidates at the EU Car of the Year 2024, including four BYD models, Nio ET7, Smart #1 and Volvo EX30.

BYD produced the 6 millionth NEV. It is Fang Cheng Bao Bao 5

It took BYD just three months to manufacture 1 million vehicles as the company accelerates both in the domestic and overseas markets.

BYD launched the electric bus J7 in Japan, priced at 246,000 USD

At present, BYD has occupied more than 70% of the Japanese electric bus market. It plans to achieve cumulative sales of 4,000 vehicles in Japan by 2030.

BYD announced Sea Lion is becoming a new product line, with Sea Lion 05 and 06 coming in 2024

Already unveiled Sea Lion 07 SUV will start deliveries in first half of 2024.