New energy vehicle sales in China disappoint automakers

December 7, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

What a surprise. Auromakes are ‘dissapointed’ by their sales of hybrids and EV’s. Customers blame the lack of an infrastructure for charging as the most important reason not to buy an EV. Not a surprise, there is simply no infrastructure for EV’s in China. For hybrids the reason not to buy is the high price, government subsidies did not help.

BYD only sold 54 of its E6 EV and only 290 F3DM hybrids from January to October. Eat that, Warren Buffet! Chang’an Auto decided to stop production of the Jiexun HEV after only one year because they “didn’t sell any”. More misery in the article from Global Times (state owned magazine) below:

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