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How About Peugeot 408 With Swappable Battery? Dongfeng Fukang ES600 Launched

The Dongfeng Fukang ES600 is an electric version of the Peugeot 408 with a swappable battery and a price tag of 23,000 USD.

Dongfeng Fengon Dexian T8 Is An Interesting Chinese Electric MPV

Chinese car design has become quite sensible of late, but we still see the some nice oddballs now and then. Today we take a...

BeyonCa Is New Chinese High-End EV Brand From Former Vice President of Volkswagen

What will happen if former Volkswagen top managers will team up to make a high-end EV brand? Please welcome - BeyonCa.

Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan Mach Edition Launched In China, Price Starts At 8,900 USD

Customers can choose from two engine options of 1.5L and 1.5T!

Dongfeng Warrior M20 Truck Exposed In China With 6.7-Liter Engine

The Dongfeng Warrior M20 is a beast pickup truck with a 6.7-liter diesel engine for 1200 Nm. It will also get an SUV version.

Dongfeng EV EX1 PRO SUV Launched With Price of 7,800 USD

The new Dongfeng EV EX1 PRO was officially launched in China for 55,700 RMB (7,800 USD), aiming at the small SUV market. The new...

Voyah Free Ultra Long Range EV Launched In China, Priced At 56,200 USD

The Voyah Free ultra long range model is officially launched in China on September 15 with a price of 393,600 RMB (56,200 USD). The...

Voyah H53 Sedan Revealed In Patent Images. To Debut In November

The Voyah H53 is a huge sedan based on the i-Land concept car from 2020. Its patent images were recently leaked online. So now...

Dongfeng Mengshi (Warrior) Brand Unveiled With Two 1000-HP Beasts

Today, Dongfeng has officially launched a new off-road brand called Mengshi (Warrior). They have also unveiled two Mengshi concept cars called ‘M-Terrain’ and ‘M-Terrain...

Dongfeng Warrior M18-2 With 1,070 HP Spied On Roads In China For The First Time

The Dongfeng Warrior M18-2 NEV (New-Energy Vehicle) SUV was spotted on Chinese roads for the first time. It got up to 1,070 horses and an 800-km...