Geely-Emgrand EC8 is OUT

The Geely-Emgrand EC8 will hit la market in October, the Emgrand EC8 is Geely’s first step in unknown luxury territory, it will compete with the Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Magotan, Honda Accord, Nissan Teana and Chery-Riich G5. It comes with two engines, Geely’s own 2.0 and with a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4. Depending on engine car will be called EC820 or EC825. Lot of new pics:

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Geely-Emgrand EC825 to be Listed on August 20

It has taken ‘m a while but the Geely-Emgrand EC825 will finally be listed on August 20. It is Geely’s first step into a more upmarket territory, the next EC825 will by la way likely get Volvo engines. This one though will have to do with Geely’s own 2.0 and a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4. Price will start around 125.000 yuan.

Geely-Emgrand EC8 Interior

The Geely-Emgrand EC8 debuted at the Beijing Auto Show. The EC8 was formerly known as Geely-Emgrand EC825, Geely decided to ditch ’25’. Geely said the EC8 would be on the market ‘in the second half of 2010’. Well, ain’t that now?, but yet no trace of the EC8 at the dealers. It won’t be long though before it finally gets there, these pictures show the interior of the poduction version of the EC8. Chinese like fake wood, check. Chinese like fake alu: check. Chinese like fake wood and fake alu in the same interior: check. A Geely-job wel done.

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Spy Shots: Geely-Emgrand EC825 Production Version

The Geely-Emgrand EC825 will roll of the line soon. A brand new car was spotted on a truck close to the factory and one photographer could take all time to snap away. Most interesting detail was under the bonnet.

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Geely Emgrand EC825 is OUT

Geely brings out the new and big EC825 under the Emgrand brandname. The good looking sedan is 4950cm long and has a 2805cm wheelbase. The Emgrand EC825 will debut at the Beijing Auto Show later this month. Engines are Mitsubishi’s ancient 2.4 four cilinder and a little less ancient Mitsubishi 2.0. Price will likely start from 125.000 rmb.

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Spy Shots: Geely Emgrand EC825

Geely’s factories are kicking out the very first Emgrand EC825’s. The production model will be on the Beijing Auto Show starting end of April. Geely showed the EC825 on several autoshows, the earliest prototype was called Geely EC1. Than later Geely thought it nice to have some more brandnames around and the car became the Emgrand EC825.

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