Geely-Emgrand EC8 Interior

Published on June 14, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

The Geely-Emgrand EC8 debuted at the Beijing Auto Show. The EC8 was formerly known as Geely-Emgrand EC825, Geely decided to ditch ’25’. Geely said the EC8 would be on the market ‘in the second half of 2010’. Well, ain’t that now?, but yet no trace of the EC8 at the dealers. It won’t be long though before it finally gets there, these pictures show the interior of the poduction version of the EC8. Chinese like fake wood, check. Chinese like fake alu: check. Chinese like fake wood and fake alu in the same interior: check. A Geely-job wel done.

Old name.

New name.


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  1. adnan serdar- January 20, 2011 Reply

    Tek kelime mükemmel

  2. MalcolmX- January 27, 2012 Reply

    It’s fucking disaster

  3. خالد المطري- February 4, 2012 Reply

    مآشآْ الله تبآرك الله سيآره بصرآحه قمه في الروعه
    ان شآء الله ربي يرزقني بوحده مثلهآ

  4. Baumann Koni- April 29, 2012 Reply

    Beim Menschen schaut man zuerst auf das Gesicht – genau
    das Gleiche beim Auto , die Front -das Gesicht ,und da
    haben die Chinesen muehe solche Autos in westliche Laender zu verkaufen .
    Zu wuchtige Front und unaesthetisch .

  5. yılmaz çelik- April 13, 2014 Reply

    piyasadaki birçok arabadan daha konforlu ve güzel görünüyo umarım dizel motorunuda çıkartırlar



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