Geely Galaxy E8

Sunday China Drive | Geely Galaxy E8 sedan – what to expect from Galaxy E5 SUV

It's time for a Sunday drive on the Geely Galaxy E8!

Geely Galaxy E8 entered China with 475kW. Starts at 24,760 USD

Geely Galaxy E8 is a 5-meter sedan with a large 45-inch screen inside. It is faster than Porsche Taycan GTS.

Geely Galaxy E8 with 475 kW started pre-sales in China at 26,350 USD

The Gely Galaxy E8 has a Golden Brick battery from Zeekr on board, 475 kW and up to 655 km of range. It has a drag coefficient of 0.199 Cd.

Geealy Galaxy E8 sedan revealed interior with a 1-meter screen

Geely Galaxy E8 will hit the domestic market this year with a 5-meter body and a starting price about of 27,360 USD.