Huawei-Seres Aito M7 new version gets over 80,000 orders in 50 days of sales

The new version of Huawei and Seres made Aito M7 SUV received over 80,000 orders since the market entry on September 12.

Luxeed S7 from Huawei and Chery with CATL batteries will start pre-sale on November 9

Luxeed is a brand developed jointly by Huawei and Chery that stands for Luxury Speed.

Deepal SL03i and S7i, backed by CATL and Huawei, will offer advanced driving assistance features

The new cars can realize memory parking assist by remembering the route the human has parked previously.

CATL-Huawei’s Deepal SL03i and S7i will launch on October 27

The SL03i and S7i will come standard with advanced driving assistance functionalities.

Aito M9 from Huawei and Seres rolled off the production line in China

The Aito M9 is a full-size SUV with 530 hp and a starting price of 68,400 USD. It is ready for the market launch in China.

Huawei backed Chinese car brand Aito applies for M9 range extender version sales license

The vehicle is currently available as an EV. The price of the range extender should be 70,000-83,000 USD.

Chery Luxeed S7 interior spy photo reveals a place for Huawei light field screen

The model will carry CATL's M3P battery, pack hat combines ternary and LFP cells.

Huawei-CATL JV’s Avatr 12 all-electric sedan rolled off production line in China

So far, Huawei, CATL, and Changan have invested more than 2 billion yuan (~274 million USD), according to Avatr's CEO.

New Huawei-Seres Aito M7 version refreshed promo cuts perks by 400 USD

The new version of the full size SUV is 5,500 USD cheaper than the older one.

Huawei-Seres JV’s new AITO M7 SUV received more than 40,000 orders 23 days after launch, has 1,300 km range

Mr. Yu Chengdong (Richard Yu), Executive Director at Huawei, claimed that the JV had invested more than 500 million yuan (69.4 million USD) on the new AITO M7, and the new car is expected to generate more than 30% of AITO's 2023 sales.