Hycan A06 Arrived At Dealers In China With Starting Price At 25,000 USD

The Hycan A06 electric sedan with a starting price of 25,000 USD arrived at dealers in China. Sales to start on December 3.

Hycan MPV With An 800V EV System To Unveil Later This Year In China

This will make it the world's first mass-produced MPV equipped with an 800V high-voltage system.

Mass Production Of Hycan A06 Electric Sedan Started In China

Mass production of the Hycan A06 electric sedan started in China. This EV will soon hit the market and please buyers with 462 hp.

Hycan A06 Electric Sedan Sells Over 30,000 Units In Three Days In China

The Hycan A06 electric sedan amassed 30,321 pre-sales in just three days after its pre-sale started on August 26 at the 2022 Chengdu Auto...

Hycan A06 Is A New Chinese Electric Sedan With A Daring Design

This is the new Hycan A06, an extremely streamlined electric sedan for the Chinese car market with a somewhat different and certainly daring design....

Nio backed EV startup Hycan launched the Z03 crossover for $20,000

Hycan is a new EV brand in China. It was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between state-owned GAC (Guangzhou Auto) and Nio....