The updated SAIC VW ID.3 and ID.4 hits the Chinese market

While largely similar to its predecessors, the updated model showcases subtle exterior changes, including a closed front grille, a new style of LED headlights, and a more sporty, aerodynamic profile.

Volkswagen ID.4 price cut to 20,100 USD in China

Previously, Volkswagen lowered the price of ID.3 in China to 16,500 USD. In the following two months, the sales of ID.3 in China increased by about 5 times.

Volkswagen ID. Series 2023 H1 sold 48,147 units in China, down 19% YoY.

In early July, Volkswagen lowered the price of ID.3 in China to 16,800 USD to cope with the sales decline.

The top 10 best-selling BEVs in the world in 2022

Tesla Model Y ranks first, Tesla Model 3 ranks second. Seven of the top ten are Chinese brands, including 4 BYD models.

Volkswagen sold 16,611 EVs in China in Q1 2023, down 38% compared to Q1 2022

In terms of sales by model, ID.3 sold 5,767 units, ID.4 sold 8,950 units, ID.6 sold 2,894 units in Q1 2023.