Volkswagen ID.7 received 300 orders in 72 hours following the launch in China

Every Volkswagen dealer received 0-1 orders of ID.7 in China.

FAW-VW ID.7 VIZZION officially launched in China, starting at 32,000 USD

Although the price of ID may be much lower than in Europe, it is still higher than the expectations of many Chinese consumers.

FAW-VW ID.7 Vizzion started pre-sale in China, starting at 33,300 USD

ID.7 is expected to be delivered in the Chinese market in early 2024.

FAW-VW ID.7 Vizzion to start sales at the beginning of November, price around 27,000 USD

FAW-Volkswagen ID.7 Vizzion will officially start sales at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November.

Volkswagen ID.7 unveiled the AWD variant with 308 horsepower in China

The front motor is 80 kW, rear motor is 150 kW.

Volkswagen ID.7 production version revealed in China with 201 HP, public debut on April 18

Long awaited electric Passat was revealed in China with a 700 km range.