Nio ET9

Nio ET9 can play tabletop football and juggle the ball thanks to Skyride active suspension

That is because of the Skyride chassis's low latency and fast response.

Nio rolls out world’s first mass-produced 900V drive system

Nio’s 900V Thunder EDS reportedly has world’s highest power density. It will be adopted first by the brand’s flagship car – Nio ET9.

Nio ET9 spotted during road tests in China as it gets closer to launch

Nio ET9 is a full-size 4-seat EV with almost 700 hp, 120 kWh battry, and a price tag of 110,000 USD. It will enter China in 2025.

Nio ET9 start preorders for 112,800 USD, deliveries set to early 2025

Nio ET9 has 700 hp, 120 kWh battery, three lidars and lots of other in-house developed tech.

Nio ET9 will have fully wire-controlled chassis, company executive reveals

It will be the first car with fully wire-controlled chassis.

Nio ultra-luxury sedan will be called ET9. To unveil on Dec 23

The Nio ET9 was unveiled in the Nio App before the official premiere on December 23. It is a saloon with the price tag of 140,000 USD.