LEVC L380 minivan rolled off the assembly line in China

The LEVC L380 large electric MPV from Geely Group is ready for the international markets with 8 seats and 675 km range.

LEVC L380 MPV battery options unveiled. Up to 675 km range

The LEVC L380 is a 5.3-meter-long MPV with eight seats inside. It will launch internationally next year.

Geely’s LEVC L380 electric MPV undergoes winter tests in China

The LEVC L380 is a large MPV with a 5.3-meter body, a 120 kWh battery, and an e-motor for 200 kW. Coming to the UK.

Geely’s LEVC L380 electric MPV revealed in China

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is a brand under Geely. L380 is over 5.3 meters long and has 8 seats.

LEVC XE08 spotted in China during road tests. New vehicle for the London taxi fleet?

The LEVC XE08 is a huge MPV that is getting ready for the UK and Chinese markets. It can have up to four rows of seats inside.