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Zeekr X exposed with a 66-kWh battery and 560 km of range. New photos leaked

The Zeekr X's battery details and range were exposed in China. It will be able to run up to 560 km on a single charge.

Zeekr X New Photos And Colors Unveiled

Zeekr X EV ditches the door handles.

Zeekr X Electric Hatchback Interior Exposed In China

The Zeekr X has a gigantic touch screen and a HUD.

New Photos Of The Zeekr X Electric Hatchback

The Zeekr X EV pack 428 hp in a polarizing design.

Zeekr X Exposed by MIIT, Expected to Debut at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

The Zeekr X will come in four-seat and five-seat variations.

Here Is The Zeekr X Electric Hatchback In Shanghai

The Zeekr X goes on a photo shoot. We got the pics and had a look.

Official Pics: Zeekr X Is A Wild Electric Hatchback For China

Zeekr goes wild with the X - comes to Europe.

Zeekr 003 Looks Cool & A Little Weird In Official Teaser Pics

Zeekr electric hatchback comes to Europe.

Zeekr plans to sell 140,000 cars in 2023, launch the 003 SUV and mysterious CS1E sedan

Geely's Zeekr is coming to Europe this year

Zeekr 003 Electric SUV Officially Unveiled On European Roads

The Zeekr 003 EV from Geely is aimed at the European market. To launch this year.